SUNY Optometry’s Foundation Honors Two at Annual Gala

NEW YORK –SUNY Optometry’s Optometric Center of NY celebrated the contributions to vision care and to the city of New York at its annual Gala here on March 29 as the Foundation recognized the contributions of Andrea Dorigo, past president of Luxottica Wholesale NA and of Edie Lutnick, director of the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.

In addition, as part of its overall $10 million, multi-year fundraising initiative, the Foundation also announced that it had received a $250,000 grant from Essilor of America, for its eyewear center (which serves more than 75,000 New York area residents annually). And, David Heath, OD, SUNY president, also reported a special grant by SUNY NY alumni Mark Feder, OD, practitioner and founder of the IDOC alliance, to fund a classroom and resources for students.

Dorigo, now president of Brooks Brothers, was honored by event co-chair, Holly Rush, now president of Luxottica Wholesale, for his work in the vision care field with Luxottica and the OneSight Foundation. Lutnick was recognized by SUNY Board trustee Barbara Saltzman for her extensive humanitarian relief work for the families of those who lost loved ones on 9/11 as well as natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy.

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(L to R) Brooks Brothers’ Claudio Del Vecchio, with honoree Andrea Dorigo and Essilor’s John Carrier.

SUNY Optometry Foundation honoree Andrea Dorigo was presented his honor by Luxottica’s Holly Rush.

(L to R) SUNY Board trustee Barbara Saltzman with SUNY Optometry Foundation honoree Edie Lutnick of the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund and SUNY Optometry’s president, David Heath, OD.