Emerging Vision's Project Eyesight Gives Eyecare to Those in Need in the U.S.

BROOKVILLE, N.Y.—To launch its non-profit Project Eyesight organization to help people throughout the country get eyecare and eyeglasses, Emerging Vision, Inc., held its first event at the Brookville Center for Children’s Services. “The impact is just great to see the expression on people’s faces, when you fit a pair of glasses on someone that hasn’t been able to see. It just tears you up inside,” said David Copeland, field support for Emerging Vision.

The initiative coincides with Emerging Vision’s Sterling Optical brand’s 100th anniversary, and it is especially meaningful to the company’s CEO, Glenn Spina, who has traveled the world extensively, providing vision care to impoverished areas across the globe. Now, he’s bringing that charity home. “Across the United States, vision is a luxury that many take for granted. Our 100th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to give back and engage with our customers and the communities we serve in ways we've never had the ability to before,” Spina said. “We are pleased to announce that we have formed this non-profit organization—Project Eyesight—which will enable us to be charitable right here at home and fulfill our vision of providing free eyecare for the needy communities that are currently in underserved neighborhoods throughout the United States.”