‘Will I Be Able to Read?’ Lighthouse Intl. Display Asks in New York’s Rockefeller Center


NEW YORK—To call attention to eye diseases that lead to low vision, Lighthouse International has placed a 15-foot by 7-foot display in Rockefeller Center asking the question, "Will I be able to read?" The advertising campaign will run for the month of January 2013 in a display window donated by EHE International in one of New York City’s most world-renowned locations. Its goal is to call attention to the question always asked by someone diagnosed with macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, or other eye diseases—"Will I be able to read?"

The campaign's focus is to let those with vision loss, their families, caregivers and loved ones, know that there is help, hope and resources available from organizations such as Lighthouse International, which offers many services and programs that help people of all ages overcome the challenges of vision loss.

Deborah McKeever, president of EHE International, a leader in preventive medicine, said, "EHE International is happy to donate the window in Rockefeller Center. Together we hope to enlighten, inform and raise awareness about vision loss and empower those living with vision loss and their caregivers through the resources available at Lighthouse International."

  • Lighthouse International programs and services include:
  • Low vision exams by eye doctors and visual aids to help maximize remaining vision.
  • Instruction and guidance on accessible technology.
  • Rehabilitation services to restore safety and independence for people whose diminished sight puts them at risk of injury, job loss and other disabling consequences.
  • Social services to help with the emotional and life-altering challenges of vision loss.
  • The only community music school for people with vision loss in the U.S. offering accessible instruction and a music technology center.
  • Pre-school for children who are visually impaired learning alongside peers who are sighted.
  • Advocacy on behalf of people with vision loss both nationally and internationally.

Lighthouse relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations to support programs and services. "This is a wonderful and generous opportunity to let New York, and all those who are visiting, know that Lighthouse International is there for those who need our services," said president and CEO Mark G. Ackermann. "We thank EHE International for this thoughtful donation to help get our message out there, that vision loss can be prevented."