Key Quotes on CLARITY


“All athletes speak about the mental element of athletics, and it usually boils down to the same thing: if you can remove your ego from the game, you can function with much more clarity and you are more likely to succeed.”
– Garth Stein, author, The Art of Racing in the Rain; film producer

“I look at the human life like an experiment. Every new moment, every new experience, tragic or otherwise, is an opportunity to gain a more accurate perspective and helps lead me to clarity.”
– Steve Gleason, former NFL player, the New Orleans Saints

“I make spaces that are calm rather than confrontational. I seek a certain kind of logic that allows you to move in space and perceive it as beautiful and rational. Clarity is a worthwhile quality.”
– Annabelle Selldorf, German-born architect and founding principal, Selldorf Architects

“People are remarkably bad at remembering long lists of goals. I learned this at a professional level when trying to get my High Performance coaching clients to stay on track. The longer their lists of to-dos and goals, the more overwhelmed and off-track they got. Clarity comes with simplicity.”
– Brendon Burchard, author, The Millionaire Messenger; founder, High Performance Academy, Experts Academy