Seneca Eyewear Introduces New Frame Collection

NEW YORK—Seneca Eyewear has released a new unisex optical and sunwear eyewear collection, Collection 001.

Seneca’s 001 collection is centered around father of modern architecture Le Corbusier’s idea of purism, an aesthetic based on the pure, simple geometric form. Each piece is built in a thick, sturdy cellulose acetate with engraved double chevron details on the lens.

According to the company, the frames are assembled using only the highest quality parts, custom cellulose acetate and standard sun lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision, with the intent on becoming an affordable alternative to the iconic fashion house brands. Seneca uses a high-precision German hinge and practice a 5-times hand polishing technique with an old, traditional German wax along with prescriptive polycarbonate, anti-reflective, anti-scratch optical lenses.

Collection 001 has 14 traditionally styled prescription optical and sun styles with each style available in four colors. What distinguishes the brand is the customization feature for their seven styles of sunglasses, providing the options to choose from a palette of five different polarized tint lens including red, blue, yellow and green, the company said.

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