Toms Launches Optical Collection for Spring/Summer 2014

COSTA MESA, Calif.—Toms Eyewear has launched the Toms Optical Collection which upholds the company’s One for One giving model.

“From targeting trachoma in rural Tanzania to providing free cataract surgery in urban Guatemala to giving prescription glasses to underserved schools in the U.S., each purchase supports another individual’s universal right to sight,” said Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms.

With every pair purchased from the 21 style collection, Toms Eyewear will help restore sight to a person in need. This mission is symbolized by the stripes on each temple; the first stripe symbolizes the wearer, the middle stripe is Toms and the stripe on the temple tip represents the person whose sight is being restored.

Two standout styles from the initial collection include the Bellini, a trendy, oversized style with ‘70s-inspired lenses, and the Memphis, a music-inspired style with deep lenses and a chunky profile. Both are done in handmade acetate with 5-barrel rivet hinges.

Toms is supporting the launch with a variety of professional sell-through assets, marketing materials, Toms Giving updates and more, including everything from standalone fixtures to countertop displays.

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