Double Vision

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Kate Spade’s kitschy print, fashions from mass retailers like Roxy, Modcloth and ASOS, my mother who used to wear her regular plano sunglasses over her glasses (I put a stop to that as soon as I got this job).

What: Eyeglass prints have been a novelty in fashion for a few seasons. It has now gotten very Meta as eyewear designers have begun outlining a frame on an actual frame. This season frames are giving us double vision thanks to these “frame-in-frame” constructions that give the appearance of dual frames all in one.

(Top to bottom) The Mykita + Maison Martin Margiela MMDUAL002 acetate frames have the appearance of a frame within a frame thanks to the use of different colors, finishes and a raised “rim” that outlines the interior “frame.” The Theo Brigitte, part of their “Like a Diva” collection, literally embeds one dainty ophthalmic frame in a blockier sheet of contrasting acetate. The Vera Wang Ondra 2 sunglasses from Kenmark clearly delineates two frames one in white and one in a high contrast black that even includes its own keyhole bridge detail. The Balenciaga BA0004 from Marcolin USA is more lens-in-lens than frame-in-frame but still plays nicely into this duality trend with its contrasting lenses set in a single shield. The house of Fendi is known for its plays on proportion and construction and its eyewear is no different; here the FF0029/S showcase a smaller, vibrant blue, classically shaped frame “floating” in an oversized angular crystal sunglass.

Fashion has long been rife with optical illusions, trompe l’oeil and tricks to deceive the eye. Pair that with a “two is better than one” philosophy and this trend makes selling your customers a new pair of frames twice as nice. Besides who doesn’t like the feeling of getting two of something for the price of one?