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The Kate Spade New York Demi From Safilo

The Kate Spade New York brand is optimistic, unexpected and original. The eyewear from Safilo grabs onto these core design values reinforced by classic shapes and modern graphic elements. This lifestyle collection offers the female consumer a world that is culturally curious, intellectually alive and glowing with irresistible allure. The Demi ophthalmic style (an updated version of the Blakely) is made of handmade acetate in four colors with a metal Spade icon on left temple tip and the brand’s signature bow wire core.

MSRP is $180.00


“Women are drawn to it, but we also tend to put it on most women tto get a ‘starting point’ since it has a good basic design and color.”

What are you selling?
The Kate Spade New York collection does well for us, in particular the Blakely frame (Safilo has updated this frame to reflect Kate Spade New York’s new branding, the new version is called the Demi). The Kate Spade New York line has done a great job with classical designs that work well on a wider range of face shapes. Not too strong and harsh but also not too soft that it looks prissy.

Who’s buying it?
Women, aged 19 to 54, really enjoy it.

Why do they like it?
It’s cute and looks good on everyone due to the balanced design and coloring, plus they’ve added whimsical design touches. Safilo has also done some nice point of purchase materials that they send to highlight these pretty frames. Who doesn’t know Kate Spade, right? Even in the rural towns of Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. Genia Durham Co-owner, Eyear Optical, Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn.


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