ABB Concise’s Team Attends Specialty CL Workshop



 ABB Concise consultation team members participate in a roundtable discussion of specialty designs.
CORAL SPRINGS, Fla.—ABB Concise’s specialty contact lens consultation team recently attended a two–day fitting clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz. sponsored by Paragon Vision Sciences. ABB Concise provided the consultation team an opportunity to fit and observe their GP Signature Design Lenses on patients with irregular cornea’s and presbyopia.

Rich Jefferies, director of sales and new business development for Paragon Vision Sciences, was responsible for coordinating the fitting clinic with Stephen Cohen OD, a local Scottsdale practitioner, and six of his patients.

The ABB Concise consultation team fit and observed different lens designs on these patients and discussed both the pros and cons during the fitting evaluation with Dr. Cohen and Patrick Caroline, FAAO, director of contact lens research at Pacific University College of Optometry. Caroline provided advanced training on the fitting characteristics of the ICD 16.5 Scleral lens for irregular corneas.

“It was a fascinating experience to work with these talented consultants and to be able to see firsthand how they analyze and troubleshoot,” said Dr. Cohen. “I have always felt that the ABB Concise consultants were an asset to my practice. Participating in this training program helped to show me why and how they are such assets to me, my practice and my patients.”

The annual consultation meeting began with Tim Koch, senior professional services specialist of Contamac US, who presented new advances in specialty soft contact lens fitting options. Koch reviewed the advantages of the definitive silicon hydrogel, a material that is designed to be lathe cut and allows new options for high astigmatic patients. ■