Zeiss Digital Lens Targets Growing Millennial Market

SAN DIEGO—Zeiss is taking a new approach to addressing the vision needs of the Millennial generation with a new product, Zeiss Digital Lens, and a consumer marketing approach designed to raise awareness and drive demand for the product.

“Constant use of mobile digital devices places demands on vision that single vision lenses can’t meet,” said Claude Labeeuw, VP of marketing for Carl Zeiss Vision, North America. “Zeiss Digital Lens bridges the gap between what the eye can comfortably do and the wearer’s digital life.”

Zeiss Digital Lens is a freeform customized design that integrates the wide, clear distance view single vision wearers demand with the digital boost of focusing power ranging from +0.50 to +1.25. This digital viewing area is optimized for digital devices and is reached with minimal head and eye movement. Full Rx customization provides the best possible optics for each wearer. Wearer trials show that Zeiss Digital Lens reduced reported digital eye strain complaints by over 50 percent.

Zeiss is launching an extensive consumer-facing program to increase demand and direct new patients toward ECPs who offer Zeiss Digital Lens, including Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.