New EyeMusic App Helps Blind to 'See' Through Music

A new app developed by Amir Amedi, professor and head of the Center for Human Perception and Cognition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, may help the blind to "see" through music.
The EyeMusic app uses a camera interface as a sensory substitution device to convert images into soundscapes or audio information through which vision-impaired users can interpret objects and colors.
The app, which is available on iTunes, offers the ability to “experience the visual world without even opening your eyes.”

Said the project report, “By using both veteran sensory substitution devices such as The vOICe (Meijer 1992), and novel devices such as the new EyeCane and EyeMusic developed in our lab, our group of blind and sighted volunteers are learning to interact with visual information through other senses. They are facing fascinating challenges such as learning to read, to identify, locate and grasp objects and more.”
Learn more about the discovery in a series of short videos from amiramedilab posted on YouTube and the EyeMusic Live Demo at AIPAC below.