Something Different

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

By this point you may have noticed that your copy of Vision Monday looks a little bit different. Though Vision Monday will always be “The Optical Industry’s Leading Newsmagazine,” the way news is delivered has evolved and so have we.

Overall, our new approach is more integrated, more interactive. Fans of Vision Monday will no longer be able to solely rely on just VMail or the website or the monthly print issue to get their fix. For the full scope of what’s happening in the optical industry, we encourage them to also adapt a multi-platform approach and become regular readers of all three.

The VM team has put a lot of thought, imagination and hard work into creating a more modern, cleaner VMail and Vision Monday print experience that is more reflective of the larger, broader-reaching changes the optical industry is undergoing as a whole. VMail is, as always, our news delivery vehicle, but we think the most interesting part of this industry, the forces that drive the news, are the people who make it up (You!) and our new print layout reflects that community.

Every month, you will see the faces of your colleagues staring back at you. Through us, they will share their stories, business tips, achievements and milestones; information that underscores Vision Monday’s position as the leader in providing news and analysis and identifying trends that help industry decision-makers run their businesses better.

The start of the New Year was the perfect time for us to introduce something new. And we’re not even done yet. will soon receive a complete overhaul as well, so stay tuned.

It’s my hope that you take this new-and-improved version of VM as an inspiration to help you step outside your own boundaries and try something new—remember to look at the world around you—and then tell us what you think.