Cadillac Digital Lenses Offer Lifestyle Options

By Andrew Karp: Group Editor, Lenses + Technology

MIAMI, Fla.—Cadillac Eyewear Worldwide, a newly formed, privately held company based in Wayne, N.J., is launching the Cadillac Life Series, a line of customized free-form progressive lenses. The lenses, which are manufactured under a worldwide license from General Motors, are designed in the U.S. and are being distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Bristol C&D, headquartered here.

The all-digital lenses mimic natural vision and are customized with the patient’s panto, vertex and wrap measurements, which are then combined with their prescription. Three options are available, all with 100 percent back surface optimized aspheric designs. Daily Life provides optimal balance between far vision and near vision zones. Its all-day use gives the wearer wide, distortion-free distance, intermediate, and near clarity with no swim or wave.

Office Life offers a large intermediate and near vision area targeted to wearers that need a dedicated intermediate/near lens with very wide field of view and no distortion. Active Life’s large far and intermediate vision area is optimized for driving and for sports enthusiasts who require a wide distance and intermediate viewing zone.

Cadillac’s Adaptive Corridor Technology (ACT) offers free-form progressive fitting height ranging from 17mm to 23mm. The lenses are priced like traditional surfaced lenses, according to Bristol C&D. ■