Essilor Partners With Transitions Optical on Seventh Generation Photochromic

DALLAS—Essilor of America is partnering with Transitions Optical to launch Transitions Signature VII lenses, the darkest photochromic lenses with full indoor clarity. Transitions Signature VII lenses feature Chromea7, a new proprietary photochromic dye formulation that absorbs more light to allow the lenses to be more responsive to UV than ever.

“The new Transitions Signature VII lenses provide a superior visual experience by being more reactive to varying outdoor light conditions,” said Carl Bracy, executive vice president of market and business development, Essilor of America. “When offered with Varilux and Crizal lenses, it is truly a dynamic lens with unmatched quality of vision.”

Transitions Signature VII lenses also have the best true-to-life color of any photochromic technology on the market giving patients better color perception, according to Essilor. Transitions Signature VII lenses were developed as the result of a new proprietary testing methodology, Life360, which includes live wearer analysis and real world testing in more than 200 real life conditions, in addition to the traditional laboratory measurements. The results are best possible products with a superior wearer’s experience, Essilor said. ■