Shamir Debuts Two New PALs, ‘Computer’ and ‘WorkSpace’


  Depth of field for Shamir Computer (l) and Shamir WorkSpace (r).
VISTA, Calif.—Shamir Insight is launching two new freeform progressives designed for the occupational environment and daily tasks: Shamir Computer and Shamir WorkSpace. More specialized than Shamir’s Autograph II Office lens, which is more of a general purpose progressive for office use, the two new designs are specialized for very specific use.

Shamir Computer provides patients with a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to five feet. Shamir Computer is recommended for patients working at a computer or for patients who are primarily stationary at their desk or workstation throughout the day.

Shamir WorkSpace is the best solution when the focus is both mid-distance and near viewing, with a depth-of-field of 10 feet. Shamir WorkSpace is the best occupational solution for those who are actively moving around their work environment throughout the day.

Both lenses are available in a 14mm fitting height in the following materials: 1.5 hard resin, DLC Trivex, 1.56, 1.58 polycarbonate, and SuperLite 1.60, including polarized lenses. By including polarized options, these occupational lenses can be used by trades such as auto mechanics who might be outdoors and need polarized lenses. ■