Kidz Biz 2014

Too Opti-Cool for School


Young adults are very particular when it comes to finding the right frame that suits their personality at a price parents won’t freak out over. Not every child is the same, so personal style is always different but the objective is still the same: look cool, stylish and get ready to take on the world.

A trend that has never falters when it comes to children, tween and teen eyewear is the desire to look more sophisticated so it suits them and their changing lifestyle. Modeling after a parent is something kids start doing as young children and they never really stop. Kids of all ages continue to go for looks that emulate their parent’s eyewear: classic, traditional and sleek frames with a pop of color that makes a statement or features a modern print. These styles make them feel like the fashionista or fashionisto they are meant to be.

For everyone under the age of 18, finding a durable, comfortable frame is easier than ever with recognizable brands that offer style as well as an accent to their colorful personalities.

Kidz Biz 2014 is a joint project of Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine.

-Chloe Beach, Contributing Editor

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