Vision Monday's TOP LABS - 2010

(in alphabetical order)


Balester Optical

Founded: 1934
HQ./Main Lab Location: Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 89
Key Executives: Heather Balester, Dale Parmenteri, Fred P. Balester
Owners: Fred J. Balester, Dale Parmenteri, Patrick Balester, Susan Balester Dennis, James Balester, Valerie Balester, Dorothy Holdle, Jonathan Balester, Marc Balester, William Balester, Heather Balester, Fred P. Balester, Jacqueline Pekar
Trade Names: Balester Optical Co.
Key Markets: Eastern U.S.
2010 Est. Net Sales: $14 million
Rx Sales: $13.4 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 875
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 54%
Comments: In-house AR brands: Crizal, Crizal Alize, Crizal Avance with Scotchgard, Zeiss Super ET Plus, Carat Advantage and Essilor's House Ez. In-house digital lens brands: Varilux Physio Enhanced, Comfort Enhanced, Definity and Defnity Short, Essilor Ideal, Accolade Freedom, Shamir Autograph II, Spectrum and Element, all Varilux 360 and Eyecode products. Lens brands: Varilux, Definity, Transitions, Kodak, Sunsensors, Hoya, Shamir, Zeiss, Seiko, Pentax, NuPolar, Xperio, Coppertone, iRx, EOS, Sun Rx, Phoenix, Trilogy, Instashades, Life Rx, AO Compact Ultra, Pixel Optics. Frame Brands: Stetson, Sophia Loren, Randy Jackson, Via Spiga, Bulova, BUM, Just-Match-It, Bratz, Nickelodeon, Austin Reed, Manish Arora, Mayhem. Other products include Smart Mirror, Smart Look, Smart Centration, Y-Stick and VisiOffice. Services and programs include Value, Kid's & Drilled Rimless Packages, 2nd Pair Program, Eyenovate Polarized Clip System, Balester Direct Rx Program, Balester Back to School Program, ABO/NYSSO Certified Education. On-line ordering-VisionWeb, Eyefinity,, Remote Tracing, 24 hour On-line order status. VSP, VBA, IDOC, Vision Source, Essilor Edge, Practice Plus Program, Shamir and Zeiss Rewards.

Brothers’ Optical Laboratory
Founded: 1973
HQ./Main Lab Location: Orange, Calif.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 59
Key Executives: Carlo Ragazzo, Tony Esposito
Owners: Joseph M. Ragazzo, John Ragazzo
Trade Names: none
Key Markets: Calif., Ariz., Las Vegas, Oregon, Hawaii
2010 Est. Net Sales: $10.5 million
Rx Sales: $10.5 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 500
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 25%
Comments: Well-established, full-service lab. Offers eductional seminars; on-site ARcoating.

CSC Laboratories

Founded: 1967
HQ./Main Lab Location: Watsonville, Calif.
No. of Locations: 2
No. of Employees: 170
Key Executives: Dong K. Kim, group president/CEO; Bu Kim, senior VP, manufacturing; Paul Yoon, VP, operations; Greg Kohmescher, CFO; Robert C. Kim, legal counsel; Mike Kim, GM, Microcoating Laboratory; Jim Serruys, GM, Ocular Laboratories
Owners: Dong Kook Kim; Mark C. Kim, Esq.; Robert C. Kim, Esq., Bu W. Kim
Trade Names: CSC Laboratories, (Watsonville, Calif.); Microcoating Laboratory (Watsonville, Calif.); Ocular Laboratories (San Jose, Calif.); Boutique Design
Key Markets: U.S., Central and South America, Caribbean
2010 Est. Net Sales: $31 million
Rx Sales: $29.1 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,800
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 30%
Comments: Exclusive U.S. manufacturer and distributor of Intellect free-form progressive lens design. Other free-form brands include Shamir Autograph, Physio 360 Enhanced and Definity. Authorized manufacturer of Crizal, Crizal Alizé and Avancé with Scotchgard, Magnum and Magnum Strada AR coatings. Teflon, PureCoat, Zeiss Carat Advantage. Operates largest AR coating facilities in Western U.S. Authorized manufacturer of Shamir Autograph, Varilux 360 and Definity. Offers complete range of stock lenses, including polycarbonate hard coated, AR coated, hard resin uncoated and hard coated, AR coated; high-index 1.67 and 1,74 hard coated, AR coated under trademarks Conti-Lite, Conti-Guard, Millenia AR; semi-finished progressive lenses under brand name TotalView. Frame product line consists of 250 styles under CSC’s own trade names, plus a complete line of safety frames. High-fashion designer line distributed under Boutique Design subsidiary. Other lines include Martini Design, Gattinoni Collection and Garrison Perspectives Collection, Renato Balestra and West. Service programs include Rx Express Unlimited frame/lens program. Authorized VSP contract lab.

Carl Zeiss Vision Laboratories
Founded: 2000
HQ./Main Lab Location: San Diego, Calif.
No. of Locations: 18
No. of Employees: 1,090
Key Executives: Joe Donahoe, Dave Delle Donne, David Jochims
Owner: Carl Zeiss Vision
Trade Names: Carl Zeiss Vision—B&W, Carl Zeiss Vision—Cumberland, Carl Zeiss Vision—Florida, Carl Zeiss Vision—Great Lakes, Carl Zeiss Vision—Kansas City, Carl Zeiss Vision— Siouxland, Carl Zeiss Vision—Kentucky, Carl Zeiss Vision—Southwest, Carl Zeiss Vision—Northeast, Carl Zeiss Vision—North Central, Carl Zeiss Vision—Northwest, Carl Zeiss Vision—Southeastern, Carl Zeiss Vision—California, Carl Zeiss Vision—Texas, Carl Zeiss Vision—Virginia, Carl Zeiss Vision—Georgia, Carl Zeiss Vision—Iowa.
Key Markets: Nationwide
2010 Est. Net Sales: $162 million
Rx Sales: $155.5 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 10,870
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 25%
Comments: Network of full-service laboratories. Proprietary products include Teflon Clear Coat lenses, Zeiss, SOLA, AO. VSP contract lab.

Cherry Optical
Founded: 1999
HQ./Main Lab Location: Green Bay, Wis.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 37
Key Executives: Adam Cherry, Lynn Cherry, Joe Cherry
Owners: Adam Cherry, Lynn Cherry, Joe Cherry
Trade Names: Safety Optix, Lenstock Direct
Key Markets: Upper Midwest
2010 Est. Net Sales: $7.2 million
Rx Sales: $7.1 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 275
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 20%
Comments: Specializes in free-form progressive and digital optics. Proprietary products include Varilux, Crizal, Hoya Phoenix, Hoya progressives, Hoya Super High Vision. Offers “What’s New University” and other educational programs; safety Rx programs.

Classic Optical
Founded: 1970
HQ./Main Lab Location: Youngstown, Ohio
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 100
Key Executives: Monte Friedkin, president; Dawn Friedkin, GM; Bob Sherman, LDO, dir. of sales; Rodney Remsey, LDO, dir. of lab operations; Steve Mermer, director of information technology; Amy Needles, director HR/administration; Bob Elsas, director of marketing
Owner: Friedkin family
Trade Names: Classic Optical Lab
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $14 million
Rx Sales: $13.9 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 2,000
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 1%
Comments: Independent lab producing more than 400,000 pairs of eyeglasses a year for more than 4,000 providers nationwide. State-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers complete in-house free-form digital surfacing, robotic lens edging (MEI) and precision drilled rimless capabilities. Authorized distributor of all major lens brands, featuring Shamir and Zeiss premium products. Offers full line of Essilor and Varilux products; many brands of AR. Offer numerous custom programs including Safety Rx, frame and lens packages, and customer incentives. Maintains staff of regional field consultants. Provides on-line ordering, rapid turnaround and competitive pricing.

Diversified Ophthalmics Laboratory Group
Founded: 1977
HQ./Main Lab Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
No. of Locations: 12
No. of Employees: 95
Key Executives: Ronald Cooke, president/CEO; Ronald Cooke, Jr., COO
Owner: Closely held corporation
Trade Names: DLAB, DO Southeast, DO Washington, OptiSource, PureSite, Salt Lake Optical, Summit Optical, TriOptics
Key Markets: Ga. Idaho, Ind., Ky., La., Mich., Mont., N.C., Pa., Ohio, S.C., Tenn., Texas, Utah, Wash., Wis., W.Va.
2010 Est. Net sales: $28.2 million
Rx Sales: $12.9 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 975
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 22%
Comments: Full service labs with ophthalmic lens and RGP manufacturing capabilities. 2005 Transitions “Lab of the Year.” Transitions Platinum Elite Laboratory. Authorized Varilux distributor. VSP contract lab. Signet Armorlite partner lab. Operates on-site AR coating facility. AR branded products includes PureSite Preference Plus. Specializes in premium lenses. Offers eyeglass and contact lens packages, Perfect View frame-and-lens value packages, certified continuing education seminars and staff training. Markets PureSite brand of stock lenses. On-line and electronic ordering. Remote frame tracing. Member of the OLA and AR Council. 2006, 2007 and 2008 LabTalk magazine Top Ten Web Site of the Year. 2009 LabTalk Top Web Site.

Founded: 1996
HQ./Main Lab Location: Dallas, Texas
No. of Locations: 140
No. of Employees: 6,450
Key Executives: Real Goulet-president, Mike Nathe-senior VP ELOA, Rick Long- senior VP Partner Labs, Brad Staley-VP Operations and Technologies, Keith Norris-VP ECP Sales, Greg DiPasquale – VP Strategic Accounts.
Owner: Essilor International
Trade Names: 21st Century Optical, Abba Contact Lens, AccuRX Inc., ACO, Advance Optical, Apex, Aspen Optical, Avisia, Barnett & Ramel, Bartley Optical, Beitler-McKee Optical, Bell Optical Labs, Bristow Optical, Collard Rose Optical, Crown Optical, Custom Eyes, Custom Optical, Dash Lab, DBL Labs, Deschutes Optical, Dependable Optics, Duffens Optical, Dunlaw Optical, East Coast Ophthalmic, Elite Optical, ELOA New Jersey, Empire Optical, Eyecare Express, Focus Optical, Future Optical FL, Future Optical TN, GK Optical, Gold Optical, Heard Optical, Hi-Tech, Homer Optical, Jorgenson Optical, Interstate Optical, Kosh Ophthalmic, Meridian Optical, McLeod Optical, MGM Optical, Midland Optical, Milroy, New City Optical, Next Generation, Omega Optical, Omni Optical Lab, Optical One, Inc, Optical Suppliers Inc., Optical Supply, Opti-Craft, Optimatrix, Optogenics of Syracuse, Orion, Ozarks Optical, Pech Optical, Perferx Optical, Peninsula Optical, Personal Eyes Optical, Precision Optical Company, Precision Optics, Premier Optics, S&G Optical, Select Optical, Southern Optical, Southwest Lens, Spectrum Optical, Sunstar Optical, Sutherlin Optical, Top Network, Tri-Supreme, Truckee Meadows, Twin City Optical, Vision Craft Inc. Vision Pointe, WOS Optical
Key Markets: Local and National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $990 million
Rx Sales: $910.8 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 66,500
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 41%
Comments: Nationwide network of full-service labs. Proprietary products include LiteStyle/Ultra LiteStyle Lenses, Crizal Avance with Scotchgard. Services and programs include Education Series and Need Based Solutions.

Expert Optics
Founded: 1979
HQ./Main Lab Location: Shorewood, Ill.
No. of Locations: 2
No. of Employees: 94
Key Executives: Don Ruden, CEO; Greg Ruden; president; Bob Pommier, director of lab operations; Mike Bradley, director of sales; Bob Hughbanks, director of education
Owner: The Ruden family
Trade Names: Expert Best
Key Markets: Midwest
2010 Est. Net Sales: $20 million
Rx Sales: $18.2 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 935
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 20%
Comments: Manufactures free-form progressives including Shamir Autograph, AO Easy HD, Compact Ultra HD, SOLA HDV, SOLAOne HD, Zeiss Individual and other designs from leading lens companies. Distributes Kodak, Shamir, Varilux and Zeiss progressives. Signet Armorlite Partner lab, Carl Zeiss Vision Premier lab, Global Optics member. Produces Teflon Clear Coat and Kodak CleAR coatings in-house; also produces Zeiss Foundation XT, Carat and Carat Advantage lens treatments. Automated Speed Lab features a “No Touch” Rx processing line that provides a complete free-form Rx with premium AR with next-day service. Hosts annual Optical Preview Day. ABO-certified sales force offers in-office education seminars. Offers Jumpstart training program and Web-based lens inventory management system. Distributor sales department inventories over 50 frame lines with various frame and lens packages. Offers lens demonstrators and customizes lens displays through “Your Eyes” lifestyle dispensing program. Online ordering available through DVI, VisionWeb and Eyefinity. Authorized distributor of Carl Zeiss, Hoya, Shamir and Varilux lenses. VSP authorized. COLTS certified.

FEA Industries
Founded: 1984
HQ./Main Lab Location: Morton, Pa.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 56
Key Executives: William H. Heffner, III; Chrystal Colflesh, general manager; William H. Heffner, IV
Owner: Willliam H. Heffner, III
Trade Names: none
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $12.7 million
Rx Sales: $11.8 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,510
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 84%
Comments: Full-service lab offering in-house AR and dip coating. Offers stock lenses, stock frames and safety frames. Web site includes ordering, tracking reports, invoices. Offers Kodak CleAR. Carries all major brands except Varilux. Participates in third-party programs; VBA only.

Harbor Optical
Founded: 1997
HQ./Main Lab Location: Traverse City, Mich.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 42
Key Executives: Bob Westlake, director of operations; Mike Earl, director of sales and marketing
Owner: Geff Heidbrink
Trade Names: Exceed family of AR coatings, ILO digital lenses
Key Markets: Michigan
2010 Est. Net Sales: $7.1 million
Rx Sales: $6.5 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 400
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 12%
Comments: Special programs include Partner Perks, Profit Boost, Jumpstart Training, Individual Eyes. Global Optics member.

Hirsch Optical
Founded: 1978
HQ./Main Lab Location: Farmingdale, N.Y.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 50
Key Executives: Harold Rothstein, president/CEO; Kenneth Mittel, senior VP; Michael Rothstein, VP; Richard Salberg, director of sales; Vicki Masliah, director of professional education
Owners: Hal Rothstein, Ken Mittel, Michael Rothstein
Trade Names: CHAD and Super CHAD
Key Markets: N.Y., N.J., Pa., Conn.
2010 Est. Net Sales: $13 million
Rx Sales: $12.1 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 800
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 35%
Comments: Extensive offerings of lens and frame package programs and year-long premium lens and AR coating promotions. Offers proprietary AR coatings applied in-house: CHAD (Clear, Hard, Anti-Reflective, Durable) and premium coating Super CHAD. Same-day turnaround on most orders. EZ Rx, Eyefinity and VisionWeb on-line ordering and remote tracing. Accredited educational seminars. Award-winning Varilux distributor, Essilor Gold Advantage Plan lab, Transitions Platinum Elite Lab, Zeiss Partner Lab, Shamir ReCreating Perfect Vision Partnering Lab, Signet Armorlite Lab Partner, Hoya lens distributor. Authorized VSP and VBA contract lab. Vendor for Block Buying Group and Alfred J. Villavecchia Buying Group. Offers all Crizal, Hoya, Zeiss, glass and mirror coatings. Ophthalmic frame lines include Apple Bottoms By Nelly, Bill Blass, Cadillac Eyewear, Cubavera, Donald J. Trump, Elizabeth Arden, Elizabeth Arden Petites, Elizabeth Arden Sunwear, Essence Eyewear, Hershey’s Eyewear, Jill Stuart Eyewear, Levi’s, Liberty Rec Specs, Marco Polarized Sunwear, Mount Eyewear (monel, stainless steel, titanium, polarized sport), New Balance, New Balance Kids, Perry Ellis, Stylewise and Scooby-Doo! Distributes Fantom custom clip-ons, Podreaders and Titmus safety frames. Web site features special retail customer referral program.

Hoya Vision Care
Founded: 2000
HQ./Main Lab Location: Lewisville, Texas
No. of Locations: 22
No. of Employees: 1,200
Key Executives: Barney Dougher, president; Yoshiyuki Ono, VP lens technology; Rich Montag, VP sales; Rick Tinson, VP of corporate governess; Kraig Black, VP information services; Jason White, senior executive controller; Greg Hicks, OD, director of professional affairs; Ray Knoll, western regional VP; Mike Dougher, eastern regional VP; Iggy Fernandez, central regional VP. Owner: Hoya Corporation
Trade Names: Hoya Atlanta, Hoya Boise, Hoya Chicago, Hoya Cleveland, Hoya Dallas, Hoya Dayton, Hoya Denver, Hoya Eugene, Hoya Hartford, Hoya Knoxville, Hoya Largo, Hoya Las Vegas, Hoya Lewiston, Hoya Los Angeles, Hoya Modesto, Hoya New Orleans, Hoya Portland, Hoya Salina, Hoya San Antonio, Hoya San Diego, Hoya Seattle, Hoya St. Louis.
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $212 million
Rx Sales: $180 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 11,200
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 18%
Comments: Nationwide network of full-service labs. Proprietary lens designs: Hoyalux iD MyStyle, Hoyalux iD InStyle, Hoyalux iD LifeStyle, Hoyalux iQ Summit ecp, Hoyalux iQ Summit cd, Hoyalux Summit ecp, Hoyalux Summit cd, Hoyalux GP Wide, Hoyalux GP, Hoyalux TACT, Nulux ep. Proprietary lens materials: 1.70, Eyry, 1.67 Eynoa, 1.60 Eyas, 1.53 Phoenix,1.50 Hilux and Nulux. Proprietary lens coatings: Super HiVision AR EX3, Super HiVision AR, HiVision AR, ViewProtect top coating, Suntech photochromics and Clarity Shield 2 scratch coating. Special Services/Programs include HHP (Hoya Honors Program) and The Hoya Free-Form Company.

Icare LABS
Founded: 1968
HQ./Main Lab Location: St. Petersburg, Fla.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 95
Key Executives: Scott Payne, chairman; Skip Payne, president; James Payne, Danny Payne, Greg Gehrig
Owners: The Payne family
Trade Names: Icare Labs, ICL365, Sea Vision USA
Key Markets: East Coast, Southwest
2010 Est. Net Sales: $23.0 million
Rx Sales: $17.2 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,700
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 65%
Comments: Full-service, family owned and operated. Offers all major lens brands such as Varilux, Kodak, Zeiss and Hoya. Offers customized services and pricing on lenses and frames. Operates in-house Crizal AR coating center. Offers proprietary ICE AR brand. Manufactures specialized sport prescription lens products including SeaVision dive masks.

Katz & Klein
Founded: 1937
HQ./Main Lab Location: Sacramento, Calif.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 36
Key Executives: Mike Francesconi, Corrine Hood
Owners: Mike Francesconi, Corrine Hood
Trade Names: Your Eyes, Supreme Partnership In Eyecare (SPIE), Katz Prudent Plan
Key Markets: Northern Calif., Nev.
2010 Est. Net Sales: $5.5 million
Rx Sales: $5.0 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 350
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 25%
Comments: Produces in-house AR, including Kodak CleAR and Crizal. Proprietary programs include Jumpstart, Lenstock, SPIE, Katz Lens Packages, Katz Frame Packages. Global Optics member.

Luzerne Optical Laboratories
Founded: 1973
HQ./Main Lab Location: Wilkes-Barre, Penn.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 200
Key Executives: Jack Dougherty, president; Lorraine Dougherty, VP; Neil Dougherty, GM; John Dougherty, VP purchasing
Owner: Dougherty family
Trade Names: Polar365, SightStar, PhotoFashion, DuraCurve, Crizal, Crizal Alizé, Crizal Alizé with Clear Guard, TD2, Teflon, Advantage, Carat and Foundation XT, Kodak CleAR
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $31.9 million
Rx Sales: $30.9 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,900
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 51%
Comments: Family owned and operated lab; offers wide range of exclusive promotions, customer incentive and educational programs. Has field-consultant force offering practice development, business reviews and private consultations. Specializes in processing all major brands of Free Form Progressive lenses. Manufactures SightStar, Polar365, PhotoFashion, Varilux, Zeiss, Definity, Shamir, Kodak, Hoya, Polycore, Kaenon, Seiko, Vision-Ease, Marinelli, DriveWear premium lenses and difficult Rx’s. Offers frames, sunglasses, safety eyewear, soft contacts, low vision and pharmaceuticals. Operates in-house AR facilities producing EVC–enhanced visual clarity, Crizal, Alize, Avance with Scotchgard Protector, TD2, Teflon, Zeiss Super & Gold ET, Advantage, Carat, Foundation XT, Mirror coatings and KODAK CleAR. In-House Gas Perm contact lens facility produces custom DuraCurve aspheric GPs. Provides advanced remote ordering with RxWizard, Visionweb, Paradeyes and Eyefinity software via the Web. VSP and VBA approved lab.

MJ Optical

Founded: 1988
HQ./Main Lab Location: Omaha, Neb.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 82
Key Executives: Martin Hagge, Morrie Hagge, Matt Hagge, Michael Hagge
Owner: Mary Hagge
Trade Names: None
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $14.4 million
Rx Sales: $10.1 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,457
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 55%
Comments: Distributes wide range of premium lens and frame brands. Offers free-form digital surfacing. Proprietary products include Nyteyez premium AR. Distributes Crizal and Zeiss AR. Offers MJFP frame package; TFP frame and lens package, safety programs. Distributes contact lenses. Offers on-line ordering and job tracking.

Nassau Vision Group / Nova Optical Lab
Founded: 1939
HQ./Main Lab Location: Northvale, N.J.
No. of Locations: 8
No. of Employees: 209
Key Executives: Maureen Cavanagh, president, Irwin Kaufman, VP – CFO; Brian Ziegler, director of lab operations
Owner: Essilor of America
Trade Names: Nova Optical, Nassau Lens Florida, Nassau Lens Southwest, Nassau Lens Midwest, Nassau Lens Mid-Atlantic, Nassau Lens Southeast, Nassau Lens West
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $83 million
Rx Sales: $29 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 3,000
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 75%
Comments: Leading stock lens distributor, operates full-service labs. Offers surfacing, finishing, drill mounting, coatings and lens tinting. Varilux-authorized. Offers in-house Crizal coatings, including Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector. Proprietary products include Synergy Crystal and Triumph AR Coatings; Nalco, Vanity and Lighten Up lenses. Other lens brands include Shore, Essilor, Varilux, Carl Zeiss Vision (Zeiss, AO, SOLA), Seiko, KBco, Signet Armorlite, Optima, Vision-Ease, Shamir, Specialty Lens.

Optical Prescription Lab
Founded: 1977
HQ./Main Lab Location: Pelham, Ala.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 23
Key Executives: Danny Pugh, president; Sherry Pugh, vice president
Owners: Danny Pugh, Sherry Pugh
Trade Names: none
Key Markets: Ala., Tenn., Miss., Ga., Fla.
2010 Est. Net Sales: $5.4 million
Rx Sales: $5.1 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 300
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 28%
Comments: Operates in-house Crizal processing center. Distributes Varilux, Hoya, Shamir, Transitions and RF Endura EZ lenses.

Perfect Optics
Founded: 2006
HQ./Main Lab Location: San Diego, Calif.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 63
Key Executives: Matt Schmidt-Wetekam, CEO; Thomas Brophy, VP, Sabine Rentschar, VP technology; Adam Winkelman, VP sales and marketing
Owners: Warren Meyer, Matt Schmidt-Wetekam, Thomas Brophy, Sabine Rentschar, Adam Winkelman, director of sales and marketing; VSP, Carl Zeiss Vision
Trade Names: Perfection FF Lens, Perfect Ion AR Coating
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $12 million
Rx Sales: $12 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 520
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 25%
Comments: Specializes in free-form, digital surfacing. Proprietary products include Perfection free-form lens, Perfection Blue AR coating. Offers sports Rx manufacturing for most major sun and sports frame brands. Offers Perfect Academy series of education.

Precision Optical Group
Founded: 1992
HQ./Main Lab Location: Creston, Iowa
No. of Locations: 3
No. of Employees: 115
Key Executives: Shannon Waigand, Holly Ferber, Judy Hodge, Stephanie Brammer, Melanie Crago, Deb Larson, Lance Christensen, Mike Kellman, Warren Herron
Owner: Mike Tamerius, Matt Somers
Trade Names: P.O.G. Labs, JMR Wholesale, K-Optical, CRX Labs
Key Markets: National, Canada
2010 Est. Net Sales: $17.5 million
Rx Sales: $15.7 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,500
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 55%
Comments: Full service lab offering low pricing and same day service nationwide. Distributes semi-finish blanks and lab supplies to other wholesalers throughout the U.S., Canada and China. Offers low cost name brand progressives and five in-house AR coatings including Clear AR, Crizal, Teflon and Courage Coating.

Rite-Style Optical
Founded: 1948
HQ./Main Lab Location: Omaha, Neb.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 110
Key Executives: George Lee, CEO; Larry Lee, president
Owner: Lee family
Trade Names: RSO Advantage AR, Rite Protect
Key Markets: Midwest, Southeast, Texas
2010 Est. Net Sales: $22.5 million
Rx Sales: $21.4 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,100
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 30%
Comments: Leading producer of free-form lenses, featuring in-house production of Shamir Autograph II. Produces RSO Advantage AR, Zeiss and KodakCleAR coatings in-house. Other proprietary products include XZilon EZ Clean hydrophobic lens coating. Offers online ordering, lens tracing and job status tracking. Affiliations include Eyefinity/VSP, Vision Source, VisionWeb and Red Tray Optical. RSO Safety Rx Division covers corporate accounts nationally as well as safety programs for independent ECPs. RSO’s Jumpstart training CDs offer ABO-certified modules for in-office education and training. Global Optics member.

Robertson Optical Laboratories
Founded: 1958
HQ./Main Lab Location: Loganville, Ga.
No. of Locations: 3
No. of Employees: 105
Key Executives: Owners and Glenn Hollingsworth, director of lab operations
Owners: Calvin W. Robertson, Jr., Richard L. Robertson, Gordon “Scotty” Q. Scott, Jr., Calvin “Chip” W. Robertson, III
Trade Names: Robertson Optical Laboratories, Robertson Optical Laboratories of Columbia, Robertson Optical Laboratories of Greenville.
Key Markets: Southeastern U.S.
2010 Est. Net Sales: $16.1 million
Rx Sales: $15.3 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,400
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 23%
Comments: Full service labs servicing southeast for over 50 years with new lens products and new technologies. Two on-site AR coating facilities providing AR1, Duralux, Teflon and Zeiss. Distributes Carl Zeiss, Shamir, Seiko, Signet Armorlite, Vision-Ease, Younger, Hoya, Essilor and other major lens brands. On-site free-form technology and digital grinding offering service and quality on Carl Zeiss Customized lenses, Shamir Freeform lenses, Seiko free-form lenses and Coze free-form lenses. Approved VSP, VBA, VCP contract labs. Offers frame and lens packages, specializing in three-piece mounts and Chemistrie custom clips. Vera Bradley and Sydney Love frame distributors. Member Vision Council and OLA. Offers online ordering and job tracking.

Superior Optical Labs
Founded: 1991
HQ./Main Lab Location: Ocean Springs, Miss.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 56
Key Executives: Hal Walker, Jon Jacobs
Owner: Hal Walker, Jon Jacobs
Trade Names: Exilar and Exilar Plus
Key Markets: N.Y., N.J., Conn.
2010 Est. Net Sales: $6 million
Rx Sales: $5.9 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 350
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 7%
Comments: Distributes Varilux lenses. Produces Crizal coatings in-house. VSP authorized. Offers seminars, training, promotions.

Three Rivers Optical
Founded: 1969
HQ./Main Lab Location: Pittsburgh
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 68
Key Executives: Mary Ann Zappas, Joe Seibert, Steve Seibert
Owner: Seibert Family
Trade Names: none
Key Markets: Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Northeast
2010 Est. Net Sales: $19.2 million
Rx Sales: $18.4 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 1,600
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 55%
Comments: Operates in-house Crizal coating facility. Produces Essilor and Shamir free-form lenses as well as Varilux, Zeiss, Crizal, Kodak, Transitions, and proprietary TR O Seg bifocal polycarbonate in Transitions and TR O Blended Seg. Offers private label Discovery brand progressive lens. Primary frame brands include Zyloware and McGee Group.

Toledo Optical
Founded: 1947
HQ./Main Lab Location: Toledo, Ohio
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 55
Key Executives: Irland Tashima, Jeffrey Szymanski, Robert Lommerse, Brian Green
Owners: Kadowaki, Tashima and Green families
Trade Names: Toledo Optical, Toledo Optical Lab
Key Markets: Ohio, Mich. and Midwest
2010 Est. Net Sales: $9.5 million
Rx Sales: $8.7 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 530
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 8%
Comments: Proprietary products include Acclaro Elite and Acclaro Anti Reflective Lens Processes, Armor XT Premium Scratch Coating, STRATA Multi-Media Training Series, and Jumpstart Education. Services and programs offered include dedicated sales force, extensive training and education programs, exclusive practice building initiatives such as Strata, exclusive in-house Acclaro AR lens process, One Step Rx, individualized customer performance reports. Distributes Varilux, Shamir and Zeiss lenses. Williams Group Certified Sales Consultants, Transitions Lab of the Year 2003 and 2006, Top Three Finalist for Transitions Lab of the Year 2002, 2004, 2005, 2009, VSP’s People First Lab Award Winner, Transitions Heritage Ambassador Club Member, and Global Optics Member.

US Optical
Founded: 2008
HQ./Main Lab Location: East Syracuse, N.Y.
No. of Locations: 1
No. of Employees: 52
Key Executives: Robert Cotran, president; Ronald Cotran, VP; Ralph Cotran, VP
Owners: Robert Cotran, Ronald Cotran, Ralph Cotran
Trade Names: none
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $14.4 million
Rx Sales: $14.4 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 950
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 60%
Comments: 100 percent digital surfacing with three robotic digital free-form machines, six free-form polishers and three Zeiss AR coaters (also traditional production lines). Free-form products include Seiko, Shamir, Zeiss, Hoya (coming soon). Zeiss in-house ARs include Set/Get, Carat, Advantage, Allure and Pure Coat. 24-hour uncut business model on free-form uncuts with AR and Zeiss flash mirrors. MEI edger coming soon.

VSP Optical Laboratories
Founded: 1972
HQ./Main Lab Location: Sacramento, Calif.
No. of Locations: 5
No. of Employees: 475
Key Executives: Don Oakley, president; Warren Meyer, VP; Joe Maris, director, Sacramento; Dennis Benedict, director, Legends 4.0; Swen Carlson, director, Columbus; Edward Morris, director, national sales and marketing; Steve Mullen, director, Capitol Optical; Danny Singer, director, Ultra Optics
Owner: Vision Service Plan
Trade Names: VSP Lab Sacramento, VSP Lab Columbus, Legends 4.0, Ultra Lens, Capitol Optical, Reveal and Espira progressive lenses, Unity Performance Coatings, Ethos AR Coating.
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $77 million
Rx Sales: $72.4 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 4,800
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 15%
Comments: VSP Lab Rewards Program, Second Pair Program, VSP Global Loyalty Program, On-site AR including Crizal, Teflon, Zeiss, Ethos AR Coating and Unity Performance Coatings. In-network digital (customized/freeform) surfacing capabilities producing Espira, Reveal, Shamir, Sola, Varilux and Zeiss customized products. MEI and A&R automated finishing technology. Distributors of Hoya, Seiko-Pentax, Signet Armorlite, Transitions, Varilux, Vision Ease, Younger and Zeiss Products.

Walman Optical Company
Founded: 1915
HQ./Main Lab Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.
No. of Locations: 34
No. of Employees: 868
Key Executives: Marty Bassett president/CEO; Charles Pillsbury, executive VP; Doug Schlauderaff, executive VP; Craig Giles executive VP; Bryan Schueler VP.
Owner: Employee-owned
Trade Names: Walman Optical, Soderberg Optical, SEOCO Optical, Walman Soderberg Instruments, X-Cel Contacts, ImageWear, Ultra Optics, ADO Buying Group, Preferred Select Buying Group
Key Markets: National
2010 Est. Net Sales: $220 million
Rx Sales: $98 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 6,700
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 20%
Comments: Complete digital surfacing capabilities supported by on-site A-R coating facilities providing Essilor Crizal, Teflon, Zeiss Carat and Ultra AR; offers Remo, Eyefinity and VisionWeb on-line ordering; Walman University educational seminars; industry’s largest independent sales force. Proprietary products include Stepper Eyewear, Sundance, Wiggles and Wildflower frames, Trusted Partners, ProLens premium lens packaging, Way Cool Frame Cool, Valuline, MyTee-Lite lenses, Soderberg MaximEyes, Passport to Earnings, Ultimate Rewards, Partners for Growth Seminars and Be Young Be U programs. 2007 and 2008 Transitions Lab of the Year.,

Winchester Optical
Founded: 1902
HQ./Main Lab Location: Elmira, N.Y.
No. of Locations: 2
No. of Employees: 80
Key Executives: Brian Lynch, president; Ben Lynch, VP; Mike Lynch, chairman of the board
Owner: Lynch family
Trade Names: LUXAR
Key Markets: N.Y., Pa., N.J.
2010 Est. Net Sales: $10.5 million
Rx Sales: $9.4 million
No. of Rx Jobs/Day: 700
Percentage of Uncut Jobs: 26%
Comments: Diversified lab with field sales-force; in-house Crizal processing facility; manufactures RGP contact lenses, distributes soft contact lenses and frames. Proprietary products include GlareControl and GlareCutter lenses. Offers practice management and office design consultation; sponsors biannual educational seminar for customers.