Bellinger Merges with L.A.-Based Entourage of 7

AARHUS, Denmark—As part of a long-term strategy, the Danish eyewear company Bellinger House and the Los Angeles-based Entourage of 7 have merged.

"I've known Jakob Talbo of Entourage of 7 since 1999 and have always had the greatest respect for him and his work,” said Claus Bellinger Diederichsen, founder and creative director of Bellinger. “We have the same views on how to do business. We also share business ethics in relation to colleagues, industry and employees. I see Jakob as a strong addition to our organization on all levels and look forward to bringing Jakob into the Bellinger family.”

Bellinger House currently sells three brands; Bellinger, Blac and Kamaeleon and houses design, logistics, accounting, customer service, production and in-house marketing departments at their corporate headquarters, based here. Entourage of 7 has a sales office in L.A. and has established itself in the U.S. market over the past five years. According to the companies, the merger offers the opportunity to boost sales for Blac and Bellinger in the U.S., as well as expand Entourage of 7 in the European markets where Bellinger House is already established.

"I am proud and humbled to be welcomed into the Bellinger family and look forward to being a part of something bigger," added Jakob Talbo, who started Entourage of 7 in 2007 after selling eyewear for 15 years for Lindberg in the Benelux countries and later in the U.S.

Bellinger, founded in 2003, had a successful 2012 seeing a 10 percent increase in revenue and a heightened efficiency in Bellinger House’s Danish production of carbon fiber eyewear, the company said. In 2013, the company appointed Malene Bellinger Diederichsen, founder and wife of Claus Bellinger Diederichsen, to managing director to focus on the existing Bellinger values and to control costs. "It is the right time for a merger with Entourage of 7, where we raise the revenue without increasing costs significantly. We look forward to a very exciting 2013 with lots of potential," stated Malene Bellinger Diederichsen.

Bellinger House's brands are available in 42 countries worldwide and are predominantly made in the company's own factory in Denmark and in Japan.