Bold Face: Pro/Am


Bold Face explores the cult of celebrity and the styles, trends and brands that stars show off in movies, at events and living their daily lives. To be considered for inclusion please contact senior editor, Deirdre Carroll.

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. In this edition of Bold Face we highlight two gentlemen lucky enough to have made careers of their passions and one who thanks to his career pursues his passion as an amateur…

Even though football season is over, Superbowl bragging rights never die; especially if you are Victor Cruz who scored the Giant’s first touchdown of the game. The charming Cruz joined the New York team in 2010 and holds the record for most yards received during a single season in the entire Giant’s franchise. Known for his end zone salsa dance after each touchdown, he treated to New Yorkers to a taste of it during the team’s victory parade. With the recent announcement of the 2012 schedule, it is a dance we will no doubt see again soon. Know what else we will probably see again soon? The Nike MDL 101 sunglasses from Marchon Cruz is sporting in this picture…

Tyreke Evans is a professional basketball player with the Sacramento Kings. He was selected by the Sacramento Kings to play guard in the 2009 NBA Draft and in 2010 the NBA named him Rookie of the Year. The sports star has had a close relationship with VSP for the last year as spokesperson helping to raise awareness about eye health and other eye-related issues, so it’s no wonder that the dapper Evans was recently snapped wearing the sleek Tommy Bahama TB6019 “Grand Bahama” sunglasses from Altair

Whereas our first two gentlemen are professional athletes who just happen to have leading man good looks, our last Bold Face name is a leading man with athletic skill. Chilean actor, Cristián de la Fuente started his acting career as a teen in South America but quickly transitioned to English-speaking roles and has maintained a bilingual acting career ever since. He’s appeared in popular American TV shows like CSI: Miami, Ugly Betty, In Plain Sight, Brothers & Sisters and Private Practice. In 2008 he was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, which would already have proven his athletic aptitude, but here we can also see him all decked out in Rudy Project gear, including the Hypermask sunglasses and Sterling green fluo helmet, for the South Beach Triathlon.