Eagle Eyes at the Endeavour Shuttle’s Historic Last Voyage

LOS ANGELES—On Oct. 13, before a crowd of tens of thousands, the Endeavour Space Shuttle celebrated its homecoming. Eagle Eyes Optics participated as one of four sponsors in a program to celebrate the shuttle’s historic and final voyage to the California ScienCenter.

Astronaut Colonel Walt Cunningham took center stage on what was also the 44th anniversary of his Apollo 7 mission to address the crowd, “I’ve long maintained an appreciation for technologies developed from NASA that benefit human-kind. Eagle Eyes represent a true example of state-of-the-art space transfer technology.” Eagle Eyes also announced its Endeavour Sunglass Collection to honor the historic ship and the history of space-transfer technology. Endeavour’s last pilot, Greg Johnson, Lost in Space actress June Lockhart and several city and state dignitaries were also present at the event.

 (L to R) California ScienCenter’s CEO Jeff Rudolph; Eagle Eyes CEO Alan Mittelman; and astronaut Greg Johnson wearing Eagle Eyes Endeavour sunglasses.  (L to R) Mike Fincke, Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham and Greg Johnson. Johnson and Fincke piloted the Endeavour on her last mission in 2012.