Eyecessorize Puts the Focus on the Fashionable Side of Eyewear


NEW YORK—For many, eyeglasses and sunglasses serve a practical purpose—to enhance their visual experience. However, what is also important for consumers to know is how eyewear can be a fashionable accessory and add to personal style. Eyecessorize, The Vision Council’s campaign to increase the fashion and lifestyle aspects of eyewear, does just that.

Sometimes, translating what is seen on the runways to eyewear fashion can be a challenge. To help bridge the gap between runway and real life, Eyecessorize offers an inside look at each season’s hottest eyewear trends. In addition to trends, Eyecessorize is a one-stop shop for everything eyewear related from a searchable database of current frames to face shape and makeup tips to eyewear-clad celebrities, and much more. This material serves as an opportunity to become well-versed in the fashionable world of eyewear and, furthermore, to share that knowledge with customers.

Eyecessorize also spreads the word about fashionable eyewear news via social media channels like Facebook ( facebook.com/eyecessorize), Twitter ( twitter.com/eyecessorize), Tumblr ( eyecessorize.tumblr.com), Pinterest ( pinterest.com/Eyecessorize) and a blog ( eyecessorizeblog.com). These social media tools are used to showcase eyewear as a must-have accessory by highlighting celebrity sightings, notable eyewear articles, popular and upcoming trends, industry happenings, pop culture events, product releases and other helpful tips. Reposting and re-Tweeting this content is a beneficial way to pique the interest of consumers and educate them about current trends, the latest products and other relevant eyewear news.

For more information about Eyecessorize, visit eyecessorize.com or contact Jenna LaRoche, The Vision Council marketing and communications manager, fashion, at jlaroche@thevisioncouncil.org or (703) 740-1099.