Gunnar Optiks Is Awarded Patent for Computer Eyewear Technology

SAN DIEGO— Gunnar Optiks, a leading manufacturer of computer eyewear, has been awarded broad patent coverage on its lens technology and design, according to the company. Gunnar’s 20/20 and prescription computer eyewear, optimized for use while viewing digital screens, combines a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry, finished with custom tuned lens tints and coatings.

“Aggressively protecting our technological innovations is an integral part of our business," said Joe Croft, co-founder of Gunnar. "Gunnar Optiks computer eyewear addresses a problem affecting more than 120 million Americans today. Securing broad based patents reinforces Gunnar 's leadership position in the category that we created, and ensures that affected consumers can receive a high quality eyewear solution that protects their vision.”

U.S. Patent No. 8,342,681 was awarded to Gunnar Optiks on Jan. 1, 2013, and applies to the following areas of innovation: computer eyewear designed to filter spectral peaks commonly found in fluorescent lighting and computer backlights; computer eyewear with a wrap-around design designed to protect the eye from air currents and trap in evaporated moisture; computer eyewear with decentered optics to provide distortion-free viewing. Additional patent claims, regarding the filtration of HEV (High Energy Visible) light, have been allowed and set to issue in the coming months, according to Croft.