“I get the sense that the recession actually has resulted in more people taking interest in investing in companies that are doing the right thing right from the start.” – Wes Selke, investment manager, Good Capital

“Consumers are quite tired and a bit worn out with the idea of the holiday season. Getting them to relax is going to be quite hard to achieve right now.” – Greg Hodge, global retail strategist, Iconoculture

“The biggest thing leaders can do is be receptive to change and innovation. If a leader shows a propensity to being able to adapt and change, it’s going to make it easier for employees to be active in the innovation process.” – Rob Reeg, president, MasterCard Technologies

“Not every company needs a C.F.O. It depends on how dynamic the business is.
I needed to hire someone who could function as my business partner and allow me to step away from the books so I could manage other aspects of the business better.”
– Alan Masarek, CEO, Quickoffice

“If you go through some big corporate change, it’s just not going to be the same. If we sold to Yahoo, they would have done something different, if you want to continue your vision of the company, then don’t sell because there’s inevitably going to be some change.” – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook creator and CEO