Metro Optics: A New York Frame of Mind



A New York Frame of Mind

Metro Optics
Bronx, N.Y.
Aurora Susi, Manager

Aurora Susi, manager of Metro Optics in the Bronx, N.Y., is adamant about the fact that the male customer has evolved in recent years. “They care more than ever. It’s more than just seeing through the glasses now; it’s definitely a fashion accessory.”

According to Susi, young men who were once attracted to the sleek look of rectangular, metal frames have been replaced by a contemporary crowd which favors thick plastic frames. “Years ago, a small rectangular frame with a good designer was always an acceptable, safe frame,” Susi explained. “Now, even if each one has a different style, they all agree on one thing—the new brown or black plastic geek chic frames. That’s what everybody wants now.”


With three locations in the Bronx, New York City, Metro Optics makes sure to appeal to the fashionable urban crowd. 

As Metro Optics’ primary buyer, Susi has recognized that although the current style has been appropriated by a multitude of designers, she feels one company is responsible for popularizing the look. “It all started with Ray Ban. The Ray Ban Wayfarer set the standard, then all the other designers copied it and made it their own look.”

Whether Ray Ban, Cartier, Sean Jean or Michael Kors, all sellers at Metro Optics, Susi has noted her own trend—each young man that comes into the shop is looking for design and style. “A young man always wants a designer frame. It kind of implies that they have status,” she said. “For the 20 to 40 year-old man that dresses well, it’s important to them that they have a nice frame. It used to be jewelry that would identify a status—not anymore. Instead, a frame will show status.”

By knowing her market, Susi has been able to adapt to the change and keep one step ahead of what her customers will want. “I’ve had to be more creative. My buying has to be more careful. Where I would try out new things before, I tend to buy safe now. I go with what I know will sell.”