Optik PDX: Finding the Right Fit



Finding the Right Fit
Optik PDX
Portland, Ore.
Jessica Ra, Buyer

At Optik PDX in Portland, Ore., optician and buyer Jessica Ra knows exactly what young men want. “When a man walks through the door, I instantly assume what type of frame I should present to them,” she said. “It’s either a classic style or more modern, techy style. My strongest classic men lines are Barton Perreira and Salt Optics. With the more modern, thin style, Mykita is my go-to brand.”

 Located in the hub of hip in Portland, Oregon, Optik PDX maintains a relatable exterior.
Though the retailer, like most, is not specifically targeted toward men, Ra explained that the male consumer was taken into consideration when setting up shop. “We keep our store very unisex and modern to make men feel more comfortable coming into a boutique setting,” Ra said. According to the optician, who herself could be described as young and hip, the easygoing, modest setting reflects the type of eyewear these men are looking for, too. “Men like something simple, comfortable, and easy to wear for every occasion. Mykita is the easiest brand to sell to men because they have lots of durable techy features like surgical steel, screwless hinges, and great design, all without being too flashy.”

In terms of her buying, Ra focuses on the big trends but also keeps the smaller kind in mind. “I like to specialize in either really large frames for those men with big brains, smaller frames for those narrow PDs. I feel that is a lost market and most men get ill fitted. It’s very important to have a large range of sizes for your patients.”

As many retailers have stated, though gaudiness is avoided, price is not an issue for the contemporary male. “The great thing about men looking for luxury eyewear is that they are willing to invest the money. It’s one of their only accessories, so I hardly have men compromising price for quality and style.”