MODO Announces ‘Buy a Frame, Give a Frame’ Program with Nepal’s NNJS

NEW YORK – MODO said it is continuing its dedication to social responsibility by activating a “Buy a Frame, Give a Frame” program for its MODO brand with the Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS). For each frame purchased in its MODO collection, the company will donate a frame to those in need as part of the World Health Organization (WHO) Vision 2020 initiative.

The NNJS (Nepal’s Comprehensive Eye Care Society) has been credited by the Nepali government for coordinating 90 percent of all eyecare services in Nepal. Of the 2.2 million Nepali people seeking eyecare consultations annually, the WHO estimates 43 percent may need eyeglasses. MODO’S “Buy a Frame, Give a Frame” program will further assist the NNJS in giving the right to sight to approximately 100,000 people in the first year of this program, the company said.

Professor Tirth Mishra, Secretary General of the NNJS, applauded this partnership, saying, “On behalf of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Nepal's Comprehensive Eye Care Society, I want to share our excitement about our new alliance with MODO which will enable NNJS and our partners to expand service to thousands of people in need of glasses throughout Nepal. Refractive error is the largest single cause of impaired vision in Nepal. Accessibility, awareness and affordability are the major barriers to eyecare services that prevent underprivileged populations from receiving care. MODO’s generous support to NNJS through their “Buy a Frame, a Give a Frame” program will enable us to serve thousands of needy women, men and children who otherwise may not be able to access or afford eyecare and the prescription glasses they so badly need.”

MODO Global CEO Alessandro Lanaro pointed out that over the past three years, MODO has been a leader in the eyewear industry for sustainability and social responsibility. He said, “Sustainability and social responsibility have become an important part of our DNA with the introduction of Eco. We are excited to extend our social responsibility efforts by pledging a “Buy a Frame, Give a Frame” program starting at Vision Expo East 2013.

“We realized that by joining forces with our customers, we could make a tremendous impact and give back to those in need. There is an incredible desire from customers to purchase products from brands with a purpose and we are proud to offer such brands. MODO’s ‘Buy a Frame, Give a Frame’ program will open a new exciting chapter for our company and our customers. I am very proud to partner with such an amazing and reputable organization as NNJS and am looking forward to working with them in Nepal,” he said.