Opticians’ Best in Class 2013: For Good Measure




The earnest attitude shared by the students selected for 2013’s Best in Class ensures a bright future both for the eight graduates selected and for the practices and dispensaries they will join. Whether inspired by a teacher, a family member or a childhood spent in glasses, these upcoming opticians and optical technicians are armed with knowledge and expertise, ready to give back to their professions and communities.

Emerging from optical dispensing and technician programs throughout the country, the following graduates were nominated by their schools because of their academic integrity, leadership abilities and exceptional optical skills, and were chosen, for their distinctive dedication and unparalleled passion for their respective programs and aspirations.

Vision Monday
commends all of this year’s opticianry graduates, and proudly presents this special section, underwritten by an unrestricted grant from Essilor USA, to highlight the Best in Class of 2013. ■

– Catherine Wolinski, Assistant Editor