Ron Kroll to Lead New Digital Lens Venture

Ron Kroll
MANCHESTER, Conn.—Industry veteran Ron Kroll has been tapped to head Innovations Digital Lens Company, a joint venture between CC Systems and Ocuco specializing in providing private label free-form lens designs to labs. As operations director, Kroll will handle all sales- and service-related functions.

Innovations Digital will handle the integration of the Innovations Lens Design System (LDS) with Ocuco’s popular Innovations Lab Management System (LMS) in labs where Innovations is installed, or with other LMS’ where it is not.

Kroll has owned a successful cut and edge business and subsequently worked in an ECP-owned laboratory. He has worked as an account executive with Signet Armorlite for 25 years, with interludes at Sunstar Optical, a wholesale lab in Nevada, and CC Systems, where he sold Labzilla as well as a retail point of sale system formerly offered by CC.