Santinelli Expands IT Training for Staff

Pictured during an IT training session are Rick Clemente (r), executive vice president of sales and service, and Meredith MacBain, accounts receivable coordinator. 
HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—Santinelli International recently implemented a major instructional initiative which provides all associates with a broad range of IT training tailored to meet their individual needs. Branded “Santi U IT”, the program is comprised of multimedia documents and videos that can be viewed and studied in a self-paced, self-taught environment.

“We continue to find ways to raise the skill levels of our staff and we recognize the importance of investing in their professional growth,” said Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO. “The response from our associates has been extremely positive! In a world of technology that’s as rapidly changing as ours, the opportunity to keep up to speed on the very latest in Information Technology is invaluable.”