Unilens Launches Disposable C-Vue HydraVue Multifocal SyHy CLs

By Marge Axelrad: Editorial Director

LARGO, Fla.— Unilens Vision Inc., which develops, licenses, manufactures, distributes and markets specialty contact lenses, has launched its new silicone hydrogel disposable C-Vue Hydravue Multifocal contact lens for monthly replacement. The new product incorporates Unilens’ patented multifocal design technology in a silicone hydrogel material, which offers the benefit of higher oxygen transmissibility for better eye health, the company pointed out.

“C-Vue Hydravue Multifocal contact lenses in silicone hydrogel provide vision correction for presbyopia, an age-related eye condition that causes a person’s ‘near vision’ to deteriorate, typically after reaching the age of 40,” stated Kelly McKnight, vice president of sales and marketing at Unilens Vision Inc. “It is C-Vue’s proven, patented rapid transition zone design technology, incorporated within the lens itself, that provides for excellent near, far and everywhere in-between visual outcomes without the need to wear bifocal or reading glasses. The new silicone hydrogel material is characterized by greater oxygen transmissibility for better eye heath and overall comfort.”

The new monthly replacement lenses, which are available in high and low add power ranges (from +6.00 to -10.00), will be sold exclusively to independent eyecare professionals. Unilens will provide ECPs with a user-friendly display cabinet and trial program with a 120-Day Performance Guarantee on the lenses.

“As the number of persons with presbyopia continues to grow at a faster rate than America’s population as a whole due to demographic trends, the new C-Vue Hydravue Multifocal will provide independent practitioners with a silicone hydrogel multifocal contact lens option that contributes to patient retention and practice profitability,” noted Michael Pecora, Unilens’ CEO.

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