World’s Largest 3D Organization Formed Via Merger

HOLLYWOOD and SAN JOSE, Calif.—To better serve the growing global theatrical, television, video game and mobile 3D marketplace and professional community, the International 3D Society (I3DS) and the 3D@Home Consortium have announced plans to merge operations and activities. With members in 20 countries and chapters in China, Japan, Korea, Europe, the U.K. and North America, the new organization will be known as the International 3D Society & 3D@Home. The merger was ratified by both organizations’ leadership and is effective immediately.

"This newly formed organization will serve to spearhead the growth and expansion of the 3D entertainment industry across the entire ecosystem—from content conception and development, to consumer education and adoption," said Tom Cosgrove, co-chair of I3DS & 3D@Home and president and CEO of 3net. "Across all platforms where 3D is expanding, everywhere consumers are consuming 3D content, and in any way the 3D format is being utilized, our organization is there to support our members and advance the growth of this prolific medium."

The new organization will include a powerful group of members with more than 60 companies and 500 professionals.

In March 2011, the American Optometric Association (AOA) formed a partnership with the 3D@Home Consortium, as reported by VMail, to improve the understanding of 3D/s3D viewing as a safe and appropriate technology for all viewing audiences. The parties signed a memorandum of understanding stating their intent to share data and jointly promote vision health utilizing stereoscopic 3D displays (S3D). The two groups have been involved in 3D Vision and Health Symposia. More recently, the groups issued a new report, “3D in the Classroom,” a comprehensive report for administrators and teachers that describes and explains the optimal uses of 3D in the classroom, including how 3D approaches to learning can enhance teaching and improve assurance of student school readiness.

Dan Schinasi, co-chair of I3DS &3D@Home and Senior TV Planner at Samsung Electronics, said, “For the past few years our groups have each been laying a strong foundation for 3D display, delivery and creation. We believe now is the time to focus on ensuring consumers feel comfortable with 3D.”

The combined organization staff will be led by I3DS president, Jim Chabin, who added, “This is 3D’s leadership and voice coming together to fuel the growing 3D revolution.”

The new organization will include a powerful group of members with more than 60 companies and 500 professionals. Companies include: The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, DreamWorks Animation (DWA), Sony Pictures Entertainment, Pixar, ESPN, BSkyB, Panasonic, XpanD 3D, Dolby Laboratories,3ality Technica, Masterimage 3D, RealD, IMAX, StereoD, National Geographic Cinema Ventures, CCTV China, Korea Telecomm, Intel, THX, Microsoft, Technicolor, Samsung, Sony Electronics, MobiTV, BluFocus, Walt Disney Studios, Eutelsat, Turner Broadcasting, Vizio and others.