Zyloware to Launch New Brand, MaxStudio.com

PORT CHESTER, N.Y.— Zyloware Eyewear is launching a new brand, MaxStudio.com, in accordance with better department store fashion designer, Leon Max.

The April 2013 launch of the MaxStudio.com collection is timed to coincide with the occasion of Zyloware’s 90th anniversary this year.

Zyloware said, “The MaxStudio.com line fills a niche for the modern woman seeking sophisticated and superior styling. While looking for a better-quality, fashionable product at a good value, the MaxStudio.com woman prefers a refined, minimalistic look and wants her eyewear to complement her style, not dictate it.”

The eyewear collection will feature subtle detailing, rich colors and finishes, tonal and textural patterns and a variety of shapes, each identifiable with the MaxStudio.com globe logo. Colors, which were mainly created for the brand, capture the essence of the MaxStudio.com apparel 2013 trends, Zyloware’s statement noted, adding, “MaxStudio.com Eyewear is geared for the fashion forward customer.”

“Working with Leon Max to create a new collection of eyewear has been eye-opening. The brand is uniquely positioned to offer a minimalistic point of view and a richness usually seen in high-priced designer goods. Understanding how these attributes are appealing to the devoted MaxStudio.com consumer has been translated into one of the most beautiful collections ever offered by Zyloware,” stated Zyloware’s president, Chris Shyer.

The MaxStudio.com collection will be previewed starting at Vision Expo East in New York (Booth #1353) and will ship beginning May 2013, Zyloware said.