12 Great things You Can Do to Celebrate World Sight Day and Support the World Sight Day Challenge

1. Make your tax-deductible donation right now at www.givingsight.org.

2. Check out the Transitions Sight Seeing website and view their world beating photo mosaic comprising all the photos uploaded as part of the Sight of the Day Campaign.

3. Tell your patients about CooperVision's contact lens rebate program and encourage them to donate some or all of their claimed rebate to Optometry Giving Sight. CooperVision will match throughout October.

4. Like AllAboutVision's Facebook page and they will donate $5 to Optometry Giving Sight.

5. Like Optometry Giving Sight's Facebook page and keep up to date with how the global industry is helping to give sight and hope to millions of people in need.

6. If you're an optometrist, remember that Optos will donate $1 for every Optomap that you perform today.

7. If you work at CooperVision, Marchon, Hoya, Carl Zeiss Vision, ABB Concise, A&A Optical, Art Optical, Slack Inc, J&J Vision Care Canada, Viva Canada, Westgroupe, Alcon Canada and many more, please support your company's fundraising efforts and have a great day!

8. If you work at Alcon then know that school kids in Fort Worth and El Salvador are getting their eyes examined today thanks to your company’s support—and that the children are exchanging photos and letters celebrating the fact that they can now see clearly.

9. If you are one of the hundreds of eye care practices or networks like United Eyecare Providers, Vision Source, Primary Eyecare Network, TLC Laser Vision Centers, FYi Doctors or others throughout North America who are having practice celebrations or fundraising events today or throughout October, please have a great time and remember to take photos and post on our Facebook page.

10. If you are one of the students from the 21 Colleges of Optometry and 9 pre-optometry schools who are participating in a fundraising event this month - have a great time and we look forward to seeing your FB posts.

11. If you are one of the many people who have already made a donation—please accept our sincere thanks.

12. Finally, have a great day and know you work in one of the best professions in the world. One that does great work and that gives back in the USA and internationally.

Remember, everyone can take the Challenge by making a donation on World Sight Day—whether you are an executive, manager, sales person, doctor, dispensing optician, paraoptometric, practice manager, student or a patient / consumer. Your actions today will make a difference!

Give Sight! Give Now! www.givingsight.org