Customizable EyeDocApp Builds Mobile ‘Touch Points’ for ECPs



LAKE ZURICH, Ohio—The rise of smartphones and tablets are transforming consumer interactions with all types of service providers, and , increasingly, many more are doing so with their eye doctors via the EyeDocApp.

Developed by Scott Pouyat, OD, of Lake Zurich Eyecare in Ohio, the EyeDocApp first debuted in The Apple Store in April 2011. Within two months, some 75 eyecare practices signed up to develop their own signature practice app via EyeDoc.

But with the surge in mobile technology and social media in the past year and a half, Pouyat tells VM that EyeDocApp has now doubled that number. “We are working with opticals, optometrists, ophthalmologists, all of the Os, who are seeing that they can add a tremendous ‘wow’ factor to their practice’s image, that they can reinforce patient connections and attract new patients by using their own app,” Pouyat said.

He added, “Media studies are showing that for the first time, more people are spending more time with apps than they are surfing the web. And we’ve used our early practice experience and input from our initial users to update that user experience for Eye
DocApp. For example, we’ve changed the graphic look of the app to the patient, to make the features, buttons and tools easier for them to use.

“And, importantly, we’ve added a multi-location functionality to the EyeDocApp, which let us go beyond single-unit offices or practices to serve a 100-location chain, if they need that. The app pulls up locations based on the GPS of the user’s phone, so users can see a choice of nearest locations to them,” Pouyat said.

Another new EyeDocApp update is the ability to provide “push” notifications so that opticals or doctors can send instant messages to patients to alert them to remember to schedule a back-to-school eye exam, let them know about a special trunk show or community event. And, there are options for patients/consumers to then share content from the app, via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, with friends and family.

Pouyat noted, “When we talk to eyecare professionals about the app, we talk to doctors and opticals about the way they are depicting their practice on the web, how they’re currently interacting with patients via social media and digital outreach. We emphasize to them that the EyeDocApp is one element of this overall presence, and an important piece of their continued outreach with patients which can translate into increased revenue and a modern image for the practice.”

Doctors can see a complete demo and learn more at the site. The app itself is fully customizable for the practice. “It’s not just incorporating the practice or retailer’s logo, which it does, but the app allows them to customize what’s visible to users, such as the products they offer, the services, practice or educational videos, news releases and so on. Each account receives their own log-in and administrative tools for the system, it’s easy to use.

“Apps today are an essential way to continue to connect with current patients and reach new patients as well,” Pouyat concluded. “ECPs can display their personalized EyeDocApp on their iPhone or Android for easy access—on their terms. Patients are reinforced that they are working with an innovative practice which has invested in staying connected with their patients.”