Background Checks and Screening of New Employees is Topic of May 21 ‘Power Hour’


FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J.—The topic of background checks, screenings of new employees and techniques for doing so are the subject focus of the May 21 edition of the “Power Hour,” the weekly radio broadcast hosted by Gary Gerber, OD, founder of The Power Practice.

Tommy Huhn of Lawrenceville, Ga. – based National Applicant Screening joins the show. National Applicant Screening is a leading provider of on-demand employment and drug screening solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Said Gerber, “Is it a good idea to do background checks on prospective employees? Are credit and criminal background checks and drug tests part of your hiring process? If they’re not, what’s the process for doing so? Find out on the next episode of the ‘Power Hour’ and learn how you can stack the prospective employee deck in your favor.”

The Power Hour is sponsored by Essilor of America, VSP Global and Optovue. Details about the shows, including how to listen in and links to previous episodes, can now be found online at PowerHourInfo.