ABB Optical Group Is New Name for ABB Concise and Optical Distributor Group

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla.—ABB Optical Group, the recently merged company of ABB Concise and Optical Distributor Group (ODG), has developed a new, updated logo and many other brand identity enhancements to reflect the new identity of the company, which was formed when the two major distribution firms combined in a merger announced last January, as reported in VMail. Through its new brand strategy and framework, ABB Optical Group will remain focused on helping the eyecare professional to be competitive and profitable, a statement said.

ABB Optical Group services eyecare practitioners nationally with its four major distribution centers, while also remaining the only contact lens company in the U.S. that is an authorized distributor for all major soft contact lens manufacturers. ABB Optical Group also manufactures custom gas permeable lenses and custom specialty soft contact lenses, including Definitive, which are silicone hydrogel lenses. The new company will now bring their customers an even more extensive line of finished ophthalmic lenses, and a broad range of cutting edge free form lenses from Digital Eye Lab. Additionally, for complete practice management, ABB Optical Group customers will have access to Primary Eyecare Network.

The design of the unified logo allows ABB Optical Group to build on elements from the ABB Concise and ODG logos into one clean, crisp brand. “The goal was to create a fresh, new mark that not only energizes customers and employees but also generates excitement, inspires growth, and expands the vision and mission of our newly merged company,” explained Angel Alvarez, CEO of ABB Optical Group.

“While our new name and logo will be different, the commitment to our customers, employees and partners remains the same,” he added, noting, “Our vision of helping eyecare practitioners grow their practices through personalized service, innovative products, and value added programs continues to be the core of our foundation.”

Lynda Baker, executive vice president of ABB Concise explained, “It is important to us that as ABB Optical Group establishes a newly merged brand, the new logo retains some elements of the current ABB Concise and ODG logos. There are three critical components to our new logo: 1.) The lens arc which not only represents the industry but also joins both companies; 2.) The type, treatment, and color scheme, which is a melding of both logos but now in a new crisp font; and 3.) The names of our four divisions, which is an important element that displays the union of our companies.”

“You will begin to see a more integrated approach as we develop the synergies that come from combining these two successful companies,” noted Jeff Rems, president and COO of ODG. “Consolidating our services and offerings will allow the ECP to receive of the best of both worlds.” ABB Optical Group is currently evaluating each company’s efficiencies and logistics and is gradually working toward alignment. Rems added, “Later in 2013, we will be moving toward operating from one ordering platform, one phone number, one website, one invoice, one statement, and our accounts will have one account number.”

Now the ABB Optical Group, ABB Concise and Optical Distributor Group (ODG) together supply more than 30,000 eyecare professionals across the U.S. The companies also offer practice building services such as pricing strategy tools, business reviews and annual supply staff training. They also offer e-commerce solutions, including patient ordering websites and Customers will continue to utilize the services of the individual companies until later this year when the full integration to ABB Optical Group is complete.