California ‘Gurls’ and Redefining Social on


NEW YORK—Often lauded in song, this edition of Bold Face is all about the special brand of lady that calls the West Coast home. Full of sunshine and beautiful people, one must possess exceptional eyewear to survive in the Golden State and this week’s three women most certainly do. Check out their survival skills as these beauties sport eyewear from Marchon, Marcolin and Safilo.

A social business could simply be defined as a business which engages with its customer base socially. Today, we may think it has to mean they use social media, but there's more to it than that. Talking to your customers, listening to their concerns and responding to them is what being a social business is about. Read What Makes a Business Social in the latest edition of CLICK and find out why only having millions of followers, fans and "interactions" on social networks doesn't always make you “social.”