GP Specialists Receives Silicone Hydrogel Manufacturing Clearance From FDA

SAN DIEGO— GP Specialists, the San Diego-based custom soft and gas permeable contact lens lab, recently received FDA clearance to begin manufacturing made-to-order customizable soft contact lenses in the Definitive Silicone Hydrogel material. Under the brand name iSight, GP Specialists offers a complete line of specialized soft lenses that include made-to-order (MTO) spheres, torics, multifocals and kerataconus designs.

Definitive is a new generation of Silicone Hydrogel materials developed by Contamac specifically to give authorized lab partners the ability to manufacturer high Dk specialized soft contact lenses. Martin Dalsing, president of Contacmac U.S., said, “I am very excited to have GP Specialists join our select group of authorized Definitive Silicone Hydrogel manufacturers. GP Specialists has shown themselves to be innovative with the expansion of their specialty lens designs.”