LensCrafters to Launch Global Advertising Campaign Emphasizing the Role of Eyes in Overall Health

MASON, Ohio— LensCrafters announced yesterday that it will launch a global advertising campaign encouraging consumers to recognize the vital role eye heath plays in overall health and lifestyle. The campaign, titled “Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care,” is scheduled to launch on Feb. 2, 2014 and will “communicate LensCrafters’ passion for celebrating the eye and acting as a partner in total vision care,” the company said.

The campaign will launch in North America on Sunday and then globally with LensCrafters China and GMO beginning in March 2014, LensCrafters told VMail. The launch will begin with television ads scheduled to run this Sunday.These will be followed by print ads in March editions of publications available on newsstands mid-February, and will also include digital platforms, LenCrafters told VMail.

“The new campaign is more than a new creative direction—it is a common vision for our brand to make sure that everyone who sets foot in our stores leaves seeing what they love and loving what they see,” says Eric Anderson, SVP and GM, LensCrafters. “We accomplish this by offering the latest technologies for fitting and selecting glasses and the highest quality name brand eyewear. This campaign challenges people to think about how they care for their sight and who they trust to help them along the way.”

Said the company, “‘Take a Stand for Quality Vision Care’” will prompt the viewer to reconsider the eyewear retail category and who they trust to care for their eyes. It will inspire the public to seek a qualified partner who understands the importance of the eye, not only to vision, but also to the entire life experience. The campaign features striking imagery paired with bold, provocative language that pulls at the emotional essence of eyes and the preciousness of sight.”

The ads will focus on five key elements: "Why a Tenth of a Millimeter is Massive," drawing attention to the importance of precision when receiving a prescription for the company’s digital scanning system, AccuFit; "We Listen to Eyes," depicting why eye exams should not only assess eye prescriptions, but should assess overall health and wellness, with LensCrafters’ AccuExam technology; "Be Clear," emphasizing the importance of partnering with a trusted trained eyecare professional when selecting and being fitted for eyewear, advertising the company’s myLook technology, which allows customers to see photos of themselves in up to four different frames side-by-side during the selection process; "Invest Here," proclaiming LensCrafters’ belief in total vision care; and "All Glasses are Not Created Equal," highlighting that precision and quality of frames and lenses are important and unique to the individual.

LensCrafters, a division of Luxottica Retail, part of Luxottica (NYSE:LUX) is the North American representation of the “Eye Love” global retail brand family which includes LensCrafters China (China), OPSM (Australia) and GMO (South America).