Rochester Optical Debuts First Rx Lenses Specifically Optimized for Google Glass Wearers


LAS VEGAS—The first proprietary digital lens designs specifically optimized for Google Glass wearers who require prescription lenses debuted yesterday at International CES. The lenses, along with a special frame “carrier,” were developed by Rochester Optical Manufacturing Co. of Rochester, N.Y. They were worn by Forbes magazine writer and Glass “Explorer” John Nosta during a talk he gave on digital health.

Rochester Optical said its scientists have created a new design that eliminates unwanted aberrations perceived by the wearer in the directions of sight associated with Google Glass’ Heads Up Display (HUD), giving the wearer a clear vision of the HUD, as well as the normal clear vision their lenses provide of the world around them.

"Google Glass certainly represents a revolutionary step forward in wearable technology and connected eyewear. However, for many that need vision assistance, they've proven to have limited use,” Tim Moore, a member of the Rochester Optical Glass team, told VMail. “If you can't see them, you can't enjoy them, right?

“I see GOLD prescription lenses helping pave the way for HUD and other digital vision innovations to become less of a novelty and more a mainstream accessory for everyone,” Moore continued. “The digital vision team at Rochester Optical is excited as we work on what's next and meeting the evolving needs of U.S. customers.”

In conjunction with RO GOLD lenses, Rochester Optical is also a patented new frame called the Glass Prescription Lens Carrier (GPLC). It resembles regular eyeglasses where prescription lenses are mounted to a structural chassis for rigidity. The full frame design allows a wide variety of prescription powers, lens designs, and lens materials to be fabricated and mounted securely to Google Glass, the company said.

“Rochester Optical is proud to be at the forefront of the wearable technology that is going to significantly shape our lives in the near future,” said company president Patrick Ho. “Google is a technology company whereas Rochester Optical, being an optical frame manufacturer and full service optical lab with a commitment in R&D, has all the core strengths to assimilate fashion, function and visual acuity with Glass technologies for the benefit of all Glass wearers.”

RO GOLD lenses as well as the GPLC will be available for ordering in late January, 2014 and will begin shipping in early February, 2014.