Sunwear Hype and Spec Lens Types on


NEW YORK—In their recent acting roles, Karl Urban, Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Fassbender amazed audiences with their ability to be “Almost Human.” But, whether android, Ironman or alien, all three have one thing in common that we all hope to share, and that is looking great in their sunwear from Marchon, Marcolin and PM International. See how they do it in Bold Face: Almost (Fully) Human

Those three, of course, aren’t the only guys who should be noted for their eyewear, and there’s always something to be said about eyewearers like Johnny Depp, Elton John and Buddy Holly who arguably made glasses-wearing “specsy” in the first place. Seeing a need to remind the public of this, a few “expert opticians” at Jena Optical in Manhattan’s Flatiron district created an infographic pointing out celebrity eyewear pioneers along with some useful facts about spectacle lens types. See how glasses are not only a major fashion accessory, but a necessary tool that can take many forms in “See Crystal Clear With Eyeglasses!” now posted in VM’s Multimedia.