VM Summit Panelists to Probe Telehealth’s Disruption and Opportunities


Top (l to r) Dan Cody, Latoya Thomas, Wallace Lovejoy, Howard Fried, OD, Brent Rasmussen and Lee Kuczewski. (Bottom l to r) Greg Lechner, Michael Duenas, OD, Rupe Hansra, OD, Sukumar Pandit, OD, Jonathan Rosin, MD and Daniel Stanton.

NEW YORK—Telehealth’s disruptive influence on vision care and the opportunities it offers for enhancing patient care and increasing practice growth will be explored in a special session at the Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit, “Tackling Disruption: The Telehealth Frontier.” The session, which will feature telehealth experts, leading providers, eyecare professionals and optical retailers, will help Summit attendees increase their understanding of telehealth and examine the decision making process surrounding it. It will also illustrate how health care and business leaders are grappling with a complex and challenging trend that is reshaping relationships between doctors and patients and fundamentally changing the delivery of health care services and diagnoses.

The 2018 Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit is a day-long live event that will be held Wednesday, March 14 at the Times Center here. The Summit attracts senior industry executives, optical retailers, leading eyecare professionals, suppliers and key opinion leaders from the worldwide optical industry. It has become the place for face-to-face networking, a dynamic exchange of ideas and thought-provoking discussion.

The session will consist of three parts. The first will feature three experts in the telehealth field who will discuss regulatory and compliance issues: Latoya Thomas, director, State Policy Resource Center, American Telemedicine Association; Daniel Cody, attorney, Jones and Day; and Wallace Lovejoy, founder, Lovejoy Eyecare Consulting.

The second part of the telehealth session will feature executives from four optical telehealth providers: Howard Fried, OD, the founder of DigitalOptometrics, a tele-optometric startup offering comprehensive eye exams using automated technology; Brent Rasmussen, chief executive officer of Opternative, which offers online vision testing; Lee Kuczewski, director of operations, Smart Vision Labs, which has developed a proprietary, smartphone-based telemedicine platform; and Greg Lechner, director, marketing and communications chief for 2020Now, which provides in-store remote eye exams using tele-ophthalmology.

The third portion of the program will examine how eyecare professionals and optical retailers are weighing decisions surrounding telemedicine implementation and sharing first-hand experiences with the technology. It will feature a panel consisting of: Michael Duenas OD, chief public health officer, AOA; Rupe Hansra, OD, vice president, professional relations, For Eyes; Sukumar Pandit, OD, director of optometry, Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs; Jonathan Rosin, MD, owner, co-president, medical director of Rosin Eyecare; and Daniel Stanton, founder of Stanton Optical and My EyeLab.

These speakers will join previously announced ‘workSMART’ speakers:

Robert Safian, founder of The Flux Group, and Fast Company’s award-winning editor, author and business observer, will share his observations about leadership, innovation and agility in the closing keynote presentation.

Erin Byrne, CEO of GreyHealth Group, will address the intersecting dynamics of technology, health care and the flexibility required by industry leaders.

Jason Dorsey, a leading Millennials and Gen Z researcher and speaker, will be the 2018 VM Summit keynote speaker, talking about solving tough generational challenges for organizations and leaders.

Retail futurist Melissa Gonzalez founded the The Lion'esque Group in 2009. Her firm includes retail strategists and pop-up architects and she is the author of “The Pop-Up Paradigm.”

Michael Dorf, founder and CEO of City Winery. A fast-growing and unique operation, City Winery combines culinary and cultural in venues in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and, soon, Washington D.C.

Vicrum Puri and Rachel Puri, co-founders of Wellness Works, a New York-based start-up that is bringing the co-working concept to health and wellness practitioners.

Seating is limited at the event; registration information is posted here

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