VSP Website Covers the Health Care Reform Debate

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP has added a new section to its VSP Proof site to keep doctors informed about the continuing debate regarding health care reform and how it impacts the optometric profession, according to Melissa Warren, senior public relations specialist for VSP Global Integrated Communications.

The new health care section, launched with a video from VSP board chair Tim Jankowski, OD, FAAO, shares his concerns about the structure of the state health insurance exchanges and the limitations of the Harkin Amendment, which bars health insurers from discriminating in plan coverage and participation against optometrists and other providers. The site also includes another video by Steven E. Faith, OD, of Livermore, Calif., presenting his perspective on the issue. Links connect to the Harkin Amendment itself and additional media reports covering this controversial topic as a means of illustrating “how the insurance exchanges are currently structured and why they could end up reducing the number of patients you’re seeing in your practice,” states to the website. Warren told VMail that VSP will update the site with more information as it becomes available.