Warby Parker To Start Offering Progressive Lens Options Today


NEW YORK – Warby Parker is launching progressive lenses online starting today at WarbyParker.com. The company, which has previously focused its online sales on single-vision prescription lenses until now, said it has been testing progressives in its retail stores and is now expanding their availability through the site. Pricing to consumers will start at $295 (including frames) online and at the seven Warby Parker brick-and-mortar stores.

The company told VMail it has a “proprietary algorithm” which uses “predictive technology” to provide the proper fitting to customers who order online. “The traditional method of measuring segment height for progressives is in-person by an optician or a doctor. We’re excited to give online customers a trusted alternative that we’re confident will deliver a comfortable fit.”

VMail inquired about the details of the algorithm and “predictive technology.” The company responded that the progressive lenses use digital free-form technology and that “The algorithm formulates the segment height based on the size and shape of the frame and the individual's prescription. All the customer has to do is supply their prescription.”

The company reiterated that, per their long-term approach, for every pair of glasses purchased, including those with PAL lenses, Warby Parker will distribute a pair to a person in need.

In addition to its website, Warby Parker currently operates seven stores (including its HQ) and eight showrooms across the country.