Marcolin's Timberland Eyewear Debuts Cases Made from Recycled Material


Timberland Eyewear from Marcolin has released new foldable case made from 70 percent recycled material, offering a sustainable alternative. "Following the brand’s commitment to making products responsibly, the new cases join the brand’s assortment of products that have earned the Earthkeepers mark.," the company stated. The recycled materials that these new frame cases are composed of are crafted from a combination of cardboard and paper. The new charcoal-colored cases collapse into a flat footprint, making them travel-friendly when in storage. A soft flocking material lines the case's interior,  keeping each frame cushioned and fully-protected within its sturdy tent-like structure which closes securely with a magnet. The foldable cases are offered in two sizes to accommodate various frame sizes in both optical and sun. The cases are topped off with the Earthkeepers logo stamped on the interior and the Timberland logo on the outside.