Essilor Sun Solution’s Spring-Summer 2020 Sun Lenses


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Product: Spring-Summer 2020 Sun Lenses
Top Line: Essilor Sun Solution, the Essilor Group Division dedicated to sun plano lenses, together with partners Peclers Paris and Mazzucchelli 1849, is debuting the Spring Summer 2020 lens collection for fashion. The new line is intended for eyewear companies and designers who seek the distinctive stylings of Essilor Sun Solution lenses.
Close Up: The year 2020 paves the way for new trends and ways of living. The seasonal collection still matches the Essilor Sun’s “no ordinary” approach, while offering a fresh look designed to inspire your work and nurture your creativity.
These are the new trends:
• Fulfillment: An ode to well-being in its purest expression. A colorful invitation to delight in minimalism and achieve mindfulness through life’s simple pleasures. Fulfillment subtly plays with the power of colors and their positive impact on emotions.
• Pulsions: To counteract the sterility of contemporary society, Pulsion develops an exuberant universe where reality meets mythology in a dramatic expression. It meets a need to reconnect with our wild side and give in to our instincts, allowing us to explore intense primal sensations.
• Zero Complex: With a desire to deconstruct protocols, Zero Complex reinvents cool by stripping it of dress codes and conventions. It expresses a desire to come back to a genuine and sincere attitude, tinted with humor and derision. This “mix-and-unmatch”, deliberately uncool aesthetics allows individuals to assert themselves and break free from assigned roles.
Vital Stats: Each trend’s new colors reveal the know-how of Essilor Sun Solution’s craftsmen and will meet the increasing expectations for a stylish appearance. Special effects have also been developed, combining color creation and the exclusive E-Sun Varia technology on NXT photochomic lenses, offering what Essilor describes as “a fashion look with a precise and perfectly controlled visual experience.”;