Things People Don't Understand About Cloud Computing in Optical (GIFs)


Thoughts about office systems technology got your head in the clouds? Well, it's time to stop dreaming and get your head in the cloud—cloud computing, that is, for your optical business.

Earlier this week, VisionWeb's Uprise blog published a post depicting the benefits of cloud computing in layman's terms—or, in a series of GIFs ranging from a cat to TV's favorite comediennes.

Among the listicle's takeaways were the following tips you should consider sharing or learning from.

  • Don't let "The Cloud" make you feel lost and confused, like Kelly from The Office or this adorable kitten. Cloud computing is not a magical or untrustworthy place, but a place that data is stored and can be accessed via the Internet. This means instead of storing data on servers in your office, it's stored on outside servers which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

  • You can access your files from any device, as long as you have Internet connection. Any computer—laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet—is connectable. This means more free time for you and the ability to get things done at home or out of the office. Liz Lemon would be proud.

  • Using cloud-based software is faster and easier on your patients and staff. Since each member of the practice can update the patient's information at the same time, files are always up-to-date and one person's visit won't take all day.

Get more tips (and GIFs) about cloud computing from the Uprise blog post here.