“When a customer buys a brand, what they are actually buying is the lifestyle and impression to be made. The brand represents a particular style, design and unique personality. Instead of selling the product, think of it as telling its story.”
– Chelsey Pendock, marketing director, Innovision Advertising

“Your messaging shouldn’t sound like it was fused together in a lab. While it’s valuable to get multiple opinions, don’t fall into the trap of trying to please everyone in the room.”
– Leyl Master Black, director of communications, One Medical Group

“Building a brand is a process of narrowing your focus and building a reputation for serving your clients well—and of making that reputation visible.”
– Elizabeth Harr, partner/account director, Hinge

“You can have the best logo in the world, but if that logo dies on the page, it’s not going to help you create your brand story. That’s how you brand. By making the world understand and believe in your brand story.”
– Susan Gunelius, president/CEO, KeySplash Creative, Inc.

“When people don’t understand you, they tune you out. Make sure your customers get what you’re saying.”
– Eric V. Holtzclaw, founder/chief strategist, Laddering Works