What Are You Wearing? - Terri Optics

Terri Optics / Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.

Teresa Gelsi / Owner

Entered the optical industry at age 10 to help her father, an “optometrist extraordinaire.” Has been a licensed optician since 1982.

Owns “at least 20 pairs” of glasses, along with specialty sports eyewear, “for different lighting conditions when I hike and bike.”

FRAMES / Pucci

/ Shamir Auto III and Vantage Transitions. “All my glasses have antiglare lenses—I have been using it since the ‘80s.”

“My collection of glasses is always being added to. I get new glasses whenever I see a frame I covet. I would say I get a new pair or pairs every three months. I have been wearing glasses so long, I just select based on style, color and trend.”

Marianna Covello / Office Manager

Began working in optical about five years ago as a part-time job in college. “I loved it so much I never left!”

Owns so many pairs, she cannot count. “Between sunglasses and regular glasses, I have developed quite a collection!”

FRAMES / Dita New Yorker

/ Shamir In Touch -5.00 with a +1.00 Hi Index.
“I am a high myope, so despite my age, I give myself a progressive to help reduce eye fatigue and take some of the work off of my focusing system.”

“Round has been making a huge comeback lately—not only in sunglasses, but eyeglasses, too. So, I decided my next pair absolutely had to be round—hence, the Dita New Yorker! I love that it’s got a vintage feel to it but is still a very current look. Plus, I feel adorable in them. ”

Selvana Nilaj / Administrative/Optical Assistant

Joined the optical industry at Terri Optics in May 2013.

Currently has six pairs of eyeglasses and seven pairs of sunglasses. “And my collection is growing.”

FRAMES / David Yurman 066

LENSES / Hard Resin Anti-reflective

“I got these frames when I first started working at Terri Optics. Teresa and Marianna helped me choose the frames and the moment I saw them, I was in awe of them. I really like the lightweight material. And, of course, the design of the frame accentuates my cheekbones—as Teresa would say.”

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