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Maybach Eyewear

Maybach Eyewear is the ultimate luxury eyewear collection. This collection features styles that are handmade with rare and precious materials, reflecting the legendary image of the brand.

MSRP: $1,940


Couture Optique

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Barry Franzblau, Owner, Optician

“I believe our Maybach customers relate to the collection on many levels, first and foremost they love the look and feel.” 

What are you selling?
The one collection that we’re proud to carry is Maybach. As a luxury retailer, this product lends itself to tell a great story of artistry and craftsmanship not to mention the limited distribution in the U.S. which helps set the tone to a consumer that Couture Optique is not an ordinary eyewear boutique.

Who’s buying it?
Since our typical customer tends to be very affluent, this hits the mark. Once we mention the name, which most are familiar with related to the car, we go into the story and explain the painstaking detail it takes to produce a frame including the various materials such as buffalo horn, wood, carbon fiber titanium and leather. A single frame can take months to make.

Why do they like it?
We really drive the story about what goes into making a frame and the mix of materials. Customers understand that they are purchasing something very special and more times than not, they end up with a few. Lastly, they like knowing this is a product most won’t have. When it comes to merchandising the collection, we keep everything in beautiful custom showcases that have individual compartments to highlight them like a piece of jewelry.

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